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Bible Commentaries
1 Samuel 7

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-17

Samuel delivers Israel from the Philistines

The narrative in this chapter is taken from a different source from the account which precedes.

2. Twenty years] The time is reckoned till Israel’s repentance and not to the removal of the ark by David (2 Samuel 6:2).

3, 4. These vv. appear to be anticipatory and in order of time to follow 1 Samuel 7:5, 1 Samuel 7:6.

4. Baalim and Ashtaroth] see on Judges 2:11, Judges 2:13.

5. Mizpeh] in Benjamin.

Pray] Samuel was noted as a man of prayer (cp. Psalms 99:6).

6. Poured it out] The symbolism of the act is uncertain. The most probable explanation is that of the Targum, that it represented the pouring out of their hearts in repentance before the Lord: cp. 2 Samuel 23:16 to Lamentations 2:19.

7. Went up against Israel] for the object of the assembly at Mizpeh was to throw off the Philistine yoke.

9. A burnt offering wholly] RV ’a whole burnt offering.’ The offering of the whole animal symbolised the self-dedication of the worshipper.

12. Eben-ezer] see on 1 Samuel 4:1.

13. All the days of Samuel] The words naturally mean ’all the time he acted as judge.’ This must be understood as the optimistic notice of a later writer. The narrative of 1 Samuel 14 shows that Israel did not succeed in recovering from the Philistine oppression: see also on 1 Samuel 7:1; 1 Samuel 9:16.

14. The coasts thereof] i.e. the districts round the towns. Amorites] i.e. the old Canaanite inhabitants of the hill-country: see on Judges 1:34. Israelite and Canaanite made peace in front of a common enemy.

15. All the days of his life] The attitude of Samuel towards Saul in the matters of (a) his sacrifice and (b) Amalek show that he retained some authority even after Saul was elected king.

16. He instituted what in modern language would be called ’courts of assize.’ Gilgal] probably the famous site near Jericho.

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