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2 Chronicles 21

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-20

Reign of Jehokam

This chapter in part reproduces 2 Kings 8:17-22 but adds several particulars respecting the judgments brought upon Jehoram.

2. Azariah.. Azariah] One of the names is probably an error, perhaps for ’Ahaziah’: cp. the mistake in 2 Chronicles 22:6.

3. And their father] cp. 2 Chronicles 11:23

10. So the Edomites revolted] The writer omits the final sentence in 2 Kings 8:21 which accounts for the successful revolt of the Edomites: see note there.

11. Fornication] A figure for religious infidelity.

12. A writing.. from Elijah] If this mention of Elijah as living in the reign of Jehoram is to be reconciled with 2 Kings 3:11, which relates that Elisha (Elijah’s successor) prophesied in the reign of Jehoshaphat, it must be supposed that Elisha entered upon his ministry before Elijah was translated; and that 2 Kings 2 is out of its proper chronological order. The incident here described is the only instance of Elijah having concerned himself with the affairs of Judah.

14. A great plague] i.e. the great blow inflicted by the invasion described in 2 Chronicles 21:16.

16. The lord stirred up] The invaders, though pursuing designs of their own, were really agents of the divine judgment: cp. 1 Chronicles 5:26; Isaiah 10:5-7; Isaiah 37:24-29. The Arabians.. Ethiopians] These Arabians came from the W. coast . of Arabia, facing Ethiopia across the Red Sea.

17. In the king’s house] better, ’belonging to the king’s house.’ It is not meant that the invaders assaulted Jerusalem, but that they carried off the royal property in the country districts. Jehoahaz] called in 2 Chronicles 22:1; ’Ahaziah.’

19. Made no burning, etc.] i.e. they did not use the same quantity of spices as were burnt at the funeral rites of former kings.

20. Departed.. desired] i.e. he died unregretted. But some (following LXX) render ’he walked (i.e. lived) in an undesirable way.’

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