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Bible Commentaries
2 Chronicles 26

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-23

Reign of Uzziah

This chapter adds largely to the parallel account of Uzziah’s reign in 2 Kings 15:1-7, and furnishes information respecting his wars, his military defences, and the cause of his leprosy.

1. Uzziah] This is the usual form in Chronicles except in 1 Chronicles 3:12 in Kings it is generally ’Azariah.’

6. Jabneh] between Joppa and Ashdod: afterwards called Jamnia.

7. The Mehunims] see on 2 Chronicles 20:1.

9. The valley gate] probably a gate leading into the valley of Hinnom, at the S. end of the W. hill.

10. In the desert, etc.] Uzziah’s cattle were pastured in three different districts, (a) the desert (or wilderness) in the S. and SE. of Judah, which has some fertile spots; (b) the low country (or lowland), consisting of the slopes that extend from the Judæan hills to the Mediterranean; (c) the plains, or tableland, E. of the Dead Sea and the Jordan, where Uzziah may have secured rights of pasturage from the Ammonites (2 Chronicles 26:8). Carmel] RV ’the fruitful fields’: or level garden-land, as distinct from the ’mountains’ or hilly districts.

14. Habergeons] RV ’coats of mail.’

Slings to cast stones] RV ’stones for slinging’: which had to be supplied of a certain size and in sufficient quantity.

15. Engines] These were machines of the nature of catapults.

16. To his destruction] RV ’so that he did corruptly.’ Into the temple] The altar of incense was in the Holy Place.

18. To the priests, etc.] The restriction to the sons of Aaron of the duty of offering incense is enforced in the Law by the history of Korah: Numbers 16:40.

21. In a several house] i.e. in a lazar house. For the seclusion of leprous persons from the community cp. Leviticus 13:46; Numbers 5:2.

22. Isaiah] The prophet received his prophetic call in the year that Uzziah died (Isaiah 6:1).

23. In the field of the burial, etc.] i.e. in the royal burial ground, but not in the royal sepulchres.

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