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2 Chronicles 28

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-27

The Reign of Ahaz

This chapter recounts how the idolatry of Ahaz was punished by the attacks of Syria and Israel; how the captives taken by the Israelites were restored; and how Ahaz in his distress appealed to Assyria.

This chapter corresponds to 2 Kings 16, but it omits many facts related there, whilst expanding the account of the war with Israel.

5. The king of Syria] i.e. Rezin, who, with Pekah of Israel, wished to depose Ahaz: see Isaiah 7.

7. Maaseiah, the king’s son] perhaps a son of Jotham and brother of Ahaz, since Ahaz himself was only 20 at his accession and 36 at his death (2 Chronicles 28:1). Next to the king] i.e. the principal counsellor of state: cp. Esther 10:3.

9. That reacheth, etc.] i.e. immoderate and excessive: cp. Ezra 9:6.

16. The kings] The LXX, more appropriately, has ’the king,’ the allusion being to Tiglath-pileser (2 Chronicles 28:20). But Chronicles frequently uses the plural where the singular would be more accurate: see 2 Chronicles 28:23, also 2Chronicles 2 Chronicles 32:4, 2 Chronicles 32:31; 2 Chronicles 30:6

17. The Edomites] Rezin had previously captured Elath and returned it to the Edomites (2 Kings 16:6), and this doubtless encouraged them to retaliate upon the Judæans, who had withheld it from them for so long.

18. The Philistines] These had suffered at the hands of Judah during the reign of Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26:6-7), and now took the opportunity to seek revenge.

19. Made Judah naked] RV ’dealt wantonly in Judah.’

20. Distressed him, etc.] The intervention of Assyria not only imposed the burden of tribute upon Judah, but also awoke the jealousy of Egypt, with evil results to the small kingdom placed between the two empires; yet for a time at least the Assyrians delivered Judah from Syria and Israel: 2 Kings 16:9; 2 Kings 15:29.

23. Because the gods, etc.] i.e. as shown by the successes of Rezin (2 Chronicles 28:5).

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