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2 Chronicles 33

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-25

The Reign of Manasseh

This chapter repeats, with certain omissions, 2 Kings 21 but the section 2 Chronicles 33:11-17, relating the captivity in Babylon, repentance, and release of Manasseh, is supplementary to the account in 2 Ki.

6. Observed times] RV ’practised augury’: perhaps, as the original suggests, by watching the motions of clouds.

8. So that] RV ’if only’: God’s promises to Israel were conditional upon its obedience.

11. Among the thorns] RM ’with hooks’: a monument still exists which shows the Assyrian king Esarhaddon leading two captives by hooks or rings put through their lips.

To Babylon] This city was for the most part subject to Assyria until the overthrow of the Assyrian power in 607 b.c. Shortly before 648 the brother of Asshurbanipal (who is probably the king of Assyria alluded to in this v.) revolted, and received support from some of the Palestinian states; but the insurrection was suppressed, and if Manasseh had been among those who aided the insurgents, he may well have been punished in consequence. The Assyrian inscriptions, though they mention that Manasseh was a vassal of Assyria, do not refer to the events here related.

13. Brought him again, etc.] i.e. by prompting the Assyrian king to restore him to his throne. Such leniency on the part of Asshurbanipal finds a parallel in his conduct towards Necho, an Egyptian feudatory prince, who was taken captive for intriguing against his suzerain, but was subsequently restored to his country.

14. A wall without.. David] RV ’an outer wall to the city of David.’ The fish gate] This was in the N. wall of the city; through it fish is supposed to have entered from Tyre.

16. Commanded.. to serve the Lord] In spite of Manasseh’s reformation here related, Jeremiah subsequently declared that his sins had not been expiated, and that the nation was doomed to destruction in consequence: Jeremiah 15:4.

18. His prayer] What purports to be Manasseh’s prayer is preserved in the Apocrypha, but is not considered genuine.

19. The sayings of the seers] This follows the LXX. The Heb. has ’the sayings of Hozai.’

20. In his own house] LXX has ’in the garden’ (or ’park’) ’of his own house’: cp. 2 Kings 21:18.

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