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Bible Commentaries
2 Samuel 15

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-37

The Rebellion of Absalom

His party is so strong that David is obliged to flee from Jerusalem. He is joined by Ittai the Gittite, and by Zadok and Abiathar the priests, and by Hushai the Archite. The king, however, orders Zadok, Abiathar, and Hushai to return to Jerusalem.

1. Fifty men to run before him] Such runners have always formed part of royal state in the East: cp. 1 Kings 1:5; 1 Kings 18:46.

2. Rose] rather, ’used to rise,’ and stand by the gate so as to meet all who went in or out.

7. Forty years] This is obviously a mistake. Some versions read ’four.’

8. I will serve the lord] i.e. by sacrifices and offerings (2 Samuel 15:12). Absalom may have remembered his father’s device (1 Samuel 20:6).

9. Went to. Hebron] Absalom probably hoped that the ancient capital, Hebron, would be jealous of Jerusalem.

11. Called] i.e. invited to share in the festivities. They were probably men of influence and position.

12. While he offered sacrifices] This gave him an opportunity of conferring with Ahithophel without exciting remark: cp. 1 Samuel 16:2.

14. Let us flee] LXX adds ’lest the people come upon us.’ David is taken completely by surprise, and mistrusts his subjects and his household.

17. A place that was far off] RV takes it as a proper name, ’Beth-merhak.’

18. Gittites] see on 1 Samuel 30:14. Ittai and his followers from Gath (Goliath’s city) were now among David’s staunchest followers.

19. With the king] i.e. with whoever chances to be king. As a foreigner Ittai had nothing to do with the internal quarrels of Israel. David generously suggests that he should keep them out of his own conflicts.

24. And Abiathar went up] These words are probably out of place. They are omitted in some MSS of the LXX, and look like a scribe’s insertion.

26. In spite of all his anxiety and misery, David’s resignation and piety never waver.

27. Art not thou a seer? return] LXX ’see, thou shalt return.’

28. The plain of the wilderness] The locality is that described in 2 Kings 25:5 as ’the plains of Jericho.’ It was in the level plain of the Jordan valley and near the fords (2 Samuel 17:16).

32. Where he worshipped God] RV ’where God was worshipped.’ Olivet was a well-known high-place: cp. 1 Kings 11:7, 1 Kings 11:8. The Archite] i.e. an inhabitant of Erech, a town on the southern frontier of Ephraim, between Bethel and Beth-horon.

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