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Bible Commentaries

John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Ecclesiastes 11

Verses 1-10

Life After All is Worth Living

1-3. Fulfil the duty of beneficence, knowing that results are in the hands of God.

1. Cast thy bread, etc.] show kindness, even where a return is least to be expected. A blessing in some sort, although it may be long delayed, will result. There is perhaps a reference to the sowing of seed on irrigated land.

2. Give a portion, etc.] be not niggardly or calculating in the bestowal of favours. You know not when you may need them yourself.

3. The fixed laws by which the world is governed. Where the tree falleth, etc.] There is no reference here to the state of man after death.

4-6. Man’s knowledge is limited, while God’s purposes are inscrutable. Winds, clouds, and the whole ordering of nature are His. Submit to His decrees, and do thy daily part, leaving the issue to Him.

7-9. Existence has its pleasures, but its span is brief. Youthful enjoyment is commended, provided it be such as need not dread God’s judgment.

8. RV ’Yea, if a man live many years, let him,’ etc. The remembrance that life is brief is to be itself a motive for enjoyment while it is possible.

9. Rejoice, O young man] Youth is naturally cheerful. Be it so. But there must be present that which shall check excess, viz. the knowledge that the Divine Judge will mark and punish sinful indulgence; not always in this life (for cp. Ecclesiastes 8:14), but, if not, then beyond the grave.

10. Childhood and youth] RV ’youth and the prime of life.’ Vanity] i.e. fleeting.

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