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Isaiah 60

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Verses 1-22

1. The light of deliverance so long waited for (Isaiah 59:9) is about to shine. This prophecy received its highest fulfilment at the coming of Christ, the true Light of the world, which was followed by a great ingathering of the nations to the Church of God (Isaiah 60:3, etc.).

2. People] RV ’peoples.’

4. Cp. Isaiah 49:18. All they gather themselves] i.e. the exiles who had been dispersed. Nursed.. side] i.e. carried on the hip, in the Eastern fashion.

5. Flow together] RV ’be enlightened.’ Fear] RV ’tremble,’ with strong emotion. Abundance of the sea] the rich seafaring people. Forces, etc.] RV ’wealth of the nations.’

6f. The nations are pictured as coming in a long train, to bring their riches for the service of the sanctuary. Ephah] a Midianite tribe (Genesis 25:4). Sheba] Psalms 72:10.

7. Kedar] cp. Isaiah 21:17. Nebaioth] a tribe allied to Kedar, descended from Ishmael (Genesis 25:13).

8. The ships with sails spread speed over the waters, like doves to their neat.

9. Isles] the maritime lands of the west (Isaiah 49:1). Ships of Tarshish] cp. Isaiah 2:16; 1 Kings 10:22; 1 Kings 22:48; Deep-sea ships suitable for long voyages, such as that to Tarshish across the Mediterranean.

10. In my wrath] cp. Isaiah 54:7-8.

11. The gates are open continually, that the trains of caravans bearing gifts may enter.

And that their kings, etc.] RV ’and their kings led with them,’ i.e. as captives. The rebuilding of the Temple is pictured in language recalling its erection in the days of Solomon.

13. Cp. Isaiah 35:2. Place of my feet] i.e. the Temple (Psalms 99:5; Psalms 132:7).

15. The figure is that of a forsaken wife (Isaiah 54:6), but is quickly changed to that of a desolate land.

16. The thought is the same as in Isaiah 49:23.

17. The language suggests a return to the prosperity which marked Solomon’s reign, with the great difference that the officers shall not be agents of oppression (1 Kings 12:4). Exactors] RM ’taskmasters.’

18. Thy walls, etc.] cp. Isaiah 26:1.

19. Cp. Revelation 21:23; Revelation 22:5.

21. The people shall all fulfil the law, so that there will be no need of the discipline of exile: cp. Isaiah 59:13, Isaiah 59:14.

22. A little one] RV ’the little one,’ i.e. the smallest; he who has no children, or few. In his time] RV ’in its time.’

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