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Isaiah 60

Peake's Commentary on the BiblePeake's Commentary

Verses 1-22

Isaiah 60:1-22 . The Glories of the New Jerusalem.— This, with Isaiah 61 f., is marked by close imitation of the style of 2 Is.

Isaiah 60:1-3 . The prophet, taking for his standpoint the fulfilment of his prediction, pictures as accomplished facts Zion’ s coming glories. While all other nations lie in darkness, Yahweh bids Zion stand forth radiant in the light of the prosperity He bestows. The nations are drawn to Zion’ s bright light.

Isaiah 60:3 . rising: i.e. dawn.

Isaiah 60:4-9 . He bids her behold her exiled children brought home from distant lands, her daughters carried carefully upon the hip ( cf. mg.) , as is the custom of the Oriental nurse. Then shall her face become radiant, and her heart beat wildly for joy. Into her shall flow the treasures of sea and land. The Bedouin tribes send droves of camels. Sheba’ s inhabitants (1 Kings 10*) come and proclaim Yahweh’ s praises. From the N. Arabian tribes— Kedar and Nebaioth— flocks arrive for the sacrifices of the glorified Temple. From the West ships, so numerous that their sails are like clouds, come— unerringly as homing-doves— treasure-laden. The seafarers too, those of Tarshish in the van, bring returning exiles, and precious metals, as a tribute to Yahweh’ s name.

Isaiah 60:5 . be enlarged: read, “ throb.”

Isaiah 60:6 . Midian and Ephah: cf. Genesis 25:4. Here apparently representative of the camel-owning Bedouin tribes of neighbouring deserts.— Sheba: in S.W. Arabia.

Isaiah 60:7 . Kedar, Nebaioth: cf. Genesis 25:13 *; N. Arabian nomads.— minister unto: emend “ seek eagerly.”

Isaiah 60:8 . Windows: the lattice openings of their cotes.

Isaiah 60:9 . Read, “ Surely the ships (or mariners) gather to me,” which fits what follows.

Isaiah 60:10-16 . The immigrants shall build up Zion’ s walls, their kings minister to her needs; for Yahweh’ s impulsive anger is now replaced by gracious mercy. So great shall be the throng of incoming proples, bringing their treasures, their kings leading the way, that the gates of Zion must be open day and night. To beautify the Temple, poor beside the glories of its predecessor, shall come the most precious woods from Lebanon’ s forests. The children of Zion’ s arrogant oppressors shall be her humble suppliants, recognising the dwelling-place of the mighty Yahweh. Hitherto avoided by the traveller, because of her poverty and meanness, she shall now become a proud city. From the nations and their kings she shall receive new strength, and shall realise that Yahweh is indeed her redeemer.

Isaiah 60:11 . led with them: emend, “ leading them.”

Isaiah 60:17-22 . In the new city gold and silver shall replace brass and iron: Peace shall be her magistrate, and Right her governor. Violence and ruin shall no more be found in her midst: the walls which protect her shall be called “ Deliverance” and the gates through which throng the peoples and their treasures shall be called “ Renown.” She shall need no sun or moon, for Yahweh shall ever be her light and beauty, and His is light that knows no setting. All her inhabitants shall then be upright; they shall never be dispossessed, but, increasing as a tree planted by Yahweh might be expected to grow, they shall become a numerous people. Yahweh will hasten the accomplishment of her glory in His own good time.

Isaiah 60:21 . Read probably, “ The branch ( i.e. shoot) of Yahweh’ s planting, the work of His hands. . . .”

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