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Jeremiah 11

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-17

Jeremiah’s Sixth Prophecy (Reign of Josiah). The Broken Covenant entails a Curse

These chapters form a connected prophecy. They probably belong to Josiah’s time, for (a) ’the words of this covenant’ (Jeremiah 11:3) seem to refer to the reading of the newly discovered law mentioned in 2 Kings 23:3; (b) Jeremiah has not yet removed from Anathoth to Jerusalem (Jeremiah 11:21), and (c) the apparent allusion (Jeremiah 12:4) to a drought accords with similar references in prophecies belonging to Josiah’s reign (Jeremiah 3:3; Jeremiah 5:24).

Verses 1-23

1-14. Punishment must follow faithlessness.

3. Cursed, etc.] cp. the language of the warnings in Deuteronomy (Deuteronomy 27:15-26), a book with which this passage has other features in common.

4. The iron furnace] the brickkilns of the bondage in Egypt (Exodus 1:14) may have given rise to the figure as expressive of affliction.

6. The cities of Judah] Jeremiah may have accompanied Josiah in the journey which he made to Bethel and to the cities of Samaria for the overthrow of idolatry (2 Kings 23:15, 2 Kings 23:19).

7. Rising early] a frequent phrase with Jeremiah to denote earnestness, but not occurring in that sense elsewhere.

8. Imagination] RV ’stubbornness.’

9. A conspiracy] The words seem to point to an actual secret combination against Josiah on account of his reforms.

10. The iniquities of their forefathers] referring to the idolatry in the wilderness days. They went after] RV ’they are gone after,’ viz. the Jews of the prophet’s own day. The reformation had not taken hold of the hearts of the people, they had returned to their heathenism.

13. The worship of Baal was practised secretly or openly in all parts of the country and city. Shameful thing] i.e. Baal.

15-20. The people resent rebuke.

15. Faithless Judah’s presence in the Ternpie is only an intrusion. And the holy flesh is passed from thee] better, perhaps, ’shall vows and holy flesh (i.e. sacrifices) take away thy wickedness?’

16. The fair promise and the punishment which apostasy brought about.

18. The prophet passes from the general to the particular, and charges his fellow-townsmen of Anathoth with conspiring to silence and even to kill him. The Lord had shown him their intentions.

19. Like a lamb or an ox] RV ’like a gentle lamb.’ The tree with the fruit thereof] apparently a proverb. Not only is the tree to perish but there is to be no chance of reproduction by the sowing of its seed.

21-23. Anathoth shall be punished.

23. There shall be no remnant of them] viz. of the actual conspirators. Among those who return from exile are mentioned ’men of Anathoth’ (Ezra 2:23).

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