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Jeremiah 11

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The Prophet is prosecuting the same important, but unthankful office of reproof, through this Chapter. The close of it discovers a conspiracy formed against Jeremiah by the men of Anathoth.

Verses 1-5

The Prophet produceth very frequently his commission from the Lord, by way both of establishing his authority, and enforcing their attention. The subject here is to remind Israel of God's covenant, and their breach of it. And the Prophet's Amen at the close of it becomes a confirmation, and his hearty good will towards it. Reader do not fail to remark, how pleased the Lord is with his covenant: and how in many parts of his holy word, he takes delight in bringing it forward. Neither forget, to whom that covenant referred, and in whom it had its completion. Isaiah 42:6-7 .

Verses 6-8

It should seem, that the Prophet was here sent into the streets to preach, as perhaps before he had been in the assembly.

Verses 9-13

Was there ever a more pitiable view of degeneracy, than Judah here affords? Was this the great and understanding people, that was once the astonishment and envy of the whole earth? What? had they indeed a dunghill god, for every city? How is the most fine gold become dim?

Verse 14

We have here a renewed command to restrain prayer. An awful precept, Jeremiah 7:16 .

Verses 15-17

Amidst all these solemn things, and amidst all the judgments coming upon the people; let not the Reader overlook how the Lord graciously adverts to former times, and still calls his Church beloved. I do not presume to determine, what is meant by the holy flesh, passing from the people. But I cannot conclude, that it means only the holy flesh of the sacrifice. Yet if it did; still that sacrifice was typical of somewhat higher. And who is this but Christ? But what is meant then by the holy flesh passing from the Church! I humbly conceive; not that Jesus is passed away from his Church; but his Church hath passed away and lost sight of Him, whom the holy sacrifice typified. Is it not blessed under all to consider, that in it there was as the teil-tree, and as the oak whose substance is in itself. The holy seed is the substance. Destroy it not, a blessing is in it, Isaiah 6:13 and Isaiah 65:8 .

Verses 18-23

Poor Jeremiah's preaching brought upon him constant hatred and persecution. It hath done so to all faithful preachers in all ages of the Church, and ever must, and will. So Jesus taught his disciples to expect, and so they have always found. John 15:18-21 . Mark, how the Lord, in the close of the Chapter, sums up the subject, by taking the cause into his own hand. Luke 10:1-12 . Reader! do not overlook a greater than Jeremiah here. Isaiah 53:7 .

Verse 23


My soul! call out of this Chapter for thy meditation what the Jerusalem sinners laid so little at heart; the blessedness of that Covenant, the Lord commanded his servant the Prophet to preach in their streets. What can be more sweet, or gracious, than that which is at the bottom of all mercies, and which Jehovah himself makes so: I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Oh! Lord, amidst all my departures and backslidings to this foundation, and in Christ confirmed and made known, may I look and take comfort! My God will hear me!

Oh! ye who like the men of Judah, have been setting up the many idols in your heart; here let your views be directed, and seek in the gracious Covenant promises of God in Christ, deliverance from all your idols. God in Christ is gracious. He will be very merciful at thy cry in Jesus, and when he heareth he will answer. Oh! for grace to lay hold of the Covenant of redemption in his blood!

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