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John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Jeremiah 38

Verses 1-28

1-3. The removal of Jeremiah from the prison was favourable to the publication of his message. Hence the alarm of the princes.

1. Pashur] see on Jeremiah 20:2.

2. He that goeth forth] i.e. submits: so Jeremiah 38:17.

6. Dungeon] RM 'pit,'or cistern. It is conjectured that Psalms 69 may have been composed by Jeremiah on this occasion.

7-13. Jeremiah is rescued by Ebed-melech.

10. Thirty] possibly a copyist's error for 'three.'The two words resemble each other much more closely in Hebrew than in English.

14-28. The king again asks the prophet's advice. Result.

14. The third entry] Probably referring to some passage between the Temple and the palace.

15. Wilt thou not hearken unto me?] RV 'Thou wilt not hearken unto me.'

18. The king of Babylon's princes] Nebuchadnezzar was probably himself at Riblah: see Jeremiah 39:5.

19. And they mock me] for not surrendering sooner as they had done.

22. The women of the harem shall join in the reproaches, saying, Thy friends have persuaded thee against thy better judgment, and then deserted thee.

24-26. Zedekiah's weakness is again conspicuous.

28. And he was, etc.] RV 'And it came to pass when Jerusalem was taken'; the words thus belonging not to what precedes, but to Jeremiah 39.

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