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Jeremiah 39

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Verses 1-7

Jeremiah’s History from the Fall of Jerusalem till he goes down to Egypt. See Introduction

Verses 1-18

The Capture of Jerusalem (11th year of Zedekiah)

The narrative in this c., with some varieties in detail, coincides with that of Jeremiah 52 and with 2 Kings 25.

1-7. The city taken. Zedekiah’s fate.

3. From the Eng. it would appear that there are six persons named. But Rab-saris (chief of the eunuchs) and Rab-mag (chief of the sorcerers) are only the titles of those whose names they follow.

4. The way of the plain] so as to escape to the eastern bank of Jordan.

5. Riblah] on the high road between Palestine and Babylon.

7. See on Jeremiah 34:3. Putting out the eyes was a common punishment in the East.

8-10. Fate of the city. If we had only this narrative we should suppose that Nebuzaradan was present in person, but Jeremiah 52:12 shows that he did not arrive till a month after the taking of the city.

11-14. Nebuchadnezzar and the prophet.

12. Look well to him] for Jeremiah had always counselled submission to Babylon: cp. Jeremiah 40:1.

14. Gedaliah] see on Jeremiah 26:24

15-18. Message to Ebed-melech.

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