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Jeremiah 5

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-31

1-9. The universal corruption of the city prevents forgiveness.

2. Though they say, The Lord liveth] i.e. though they take the most solemn form of oath, as opposed to those held by the Jews to be of less obligation: cp. Matthew 5:34, Matthew 5:35.

3 The truth] RM ’faithfulness.’ It is this that God looks for.

4. These are poor, etc.] i.e. the ignorant ones who know no better.

5. Yoke.. bonds] i.e. restraints of God’s law.

6. Lion] i.e. the invader: cp. Matthew 4:7. Evenings] RM ’deserts.’

7-8. All idolatry was unfaithfulness to God, to whom Israel was espoused, but gross licentiousness was literally the common accompaniment of the worship of the reproductive powers of nature, such as was practised by the Canaanites.

8. In the morning] RM ’roaming at large.’

10-31. In spite of fancied security desolation is at hand in requital for rébellion and faithlessness.

10. Jerusalem is likened to a walled־in vineyard, and the Chaldean host is bidden to batter and trample it. Yet the overthrow shall not be complete, for Israel is, after all, a chosen nation. Battlements] RV ’branches,’ so as to keep up the figure of the vine. Though the tendrils be cut away yet the stock shall be left.

12. It is not he] It is not God who sends these messages of woe.

13. The prophets, etc.] These are still the words of the scoffing Jews.

15. A nation] the Assyrian.

16. Is as an open sepulchre] for it is filled with missiles dealing death.

19. Note the distinct prophecy of the captivity of Judah.

24. Jeremiah reminds them of the providence of God, who sends the winter and spring rains, so needful for the crops, and maintains a dry season between Passover and Pentecost for harvesting.

25-28. A strong testimony to the deception, avarice, and oppression of the time.

28. Yet they prosper] RV ’that they’ (the orphans) ’should prosper.’

31. Prophets, priests, and people alike connived at and took part in these crimes. By their means] RM ’at their hands.’ Formerly the prophetic guilds had borne witness for righteousness and withstood the priests: now they are become false prophets, abetting the priests in their idolatry and wickedness.

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