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Proverbs 14

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-35

1. The prosperity of the family depends on the wife (Proverbs 31:10-31).

3. Of pride] RM ’for his pride.’

4. Where there are no oxen men have not to labour at keeping the crib clean, but at the same time there is no profit. The men who unload coal in Calais harbour used to sing: ’The coalis black, but the money’s white.’

8. The wise man’s concern is how shall he act; the foolish man’s how shall he deceive others.

9. Lit.’ the guilt-offering mocketh at fools.’ This seems to mean that fools trust in its expiatory virtue, but that on their behalf it has no efficacy.

10. Every one knows where his own shoe pinches (1 Kings 8:38).

11. Tabernacle] or ’tent,’ used for ’house’ (1 Kings 12:16).

12. He mistakenly thinks that the path of self-indulgence leads to lasting prosperity.

13. Men do not always wear their heart on their sleeve. Black Care sits behind the horseman.

14. We get our deserts. The backslider in heart is he who forsakes God.

15. ’Quick believers need broad shoulders.’

16. Rageth] RV ’behaveth himself insolently’; will not be told, knows better than any one else.

17. Anger is temporary madness.

19. Not always: see Luke 16:20.

22. They wander from the way of safety and peace.

24. Riches rightly used are a crown: but a rich fool has no crown, has nought but folly.

28. Let the king follow a policy which shall’ increase, not diminish, the number of his subjects.

29. Exalteth folly] i.e. exhibits. great folly.

30. A ’tranquil’ heart (RM) is contrasted with a jealous one.

32. If we transpose two letters we get the following rendering: ’The wicked is thrust down through his evil-doing, but the righteous hath a refuge through his integrity.’ In any case, it is hardly in keeping with the rest of Proverbs to find here a reference to the life beyond the grave.

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