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Proverbs 15

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-33

1. Grievous] i.e. annoying. ’If one pour in hot water let the other pour in cold.’

3. Beholding] RV ’keeping watch upon,’ as watching over a city (Isaiah 52:8), or the prophets over the people (Ezekiel 3:17).

4. Read, ’a soothing tongue.. a wound in the spirit.’

7. Doeth not so] RM ’is not steadfast.’

8. A costly offering from the one is unacceptable: the mere prayer of the other is accepted (Mark 12:42).

11. Hell and destruction] RV ’Sheol and Abaddon.’ The latter means ’place of destruction’: cp. Proverbs 27:20; Job 26:6; Job 28:22; Job 31:12; Psalms 88:11. At Revelation 9:11; Abaddon is the Angel of Destruction. Subsequently it became the name for the lowest part of Gehenna.

15. ’Cheerful,’ not merry: it is not the word rendered ’merry’ inv. 13.

16. Religion delivers from harassing care.

17. A stalled ox] is one kept up and fattened for slaughter.

19. The one sees imaginary hindrances: the other’s course is a well-made level road.

21. RV ’maketh straight his going’: i.e. acts straightforwardly.

23. Well-considered and opportune speech brings joy.

24. Lit. ’The way of life upward is to the wise man’: he escapes the premature death of the wicked.

26. RV ’pleasant words are pure’ (in God’s eyes).

27. Bribery is one of the greatest curses of the East (Exodus 18:21; Ezekiel 22:12; Sirach 17:7).

30. The light of the eyes] i.e. good fortune.

31. He who does not wish to learn will be neither welcome nor happy among the wise.

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