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Proverbs 21

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Verses 1-31

1. The ’watercourses’ (RV) are the artificial irrigation channels of Egypt and Babylon (Isaiah 58:11).

4. There is no connexion between the two halves of the v. RM ’The tillage of the wicked is sin,’ i.e. the result of his labour is sin.

5. One who is in a hurry to be rich hastens to want.

6. By a very slight alteration of the Hebrew text we get the greatly improved rendering of RM, ’Is a vapour driven to and fro; they are snares of death.’

9. A small room is often built on the flat roof of an Oriental house (1 Kings 17:19; 2 Kings 4:10; Psalms 102:7). ’A needle’s eye is wide enough for two friends; the whole world is too narrow for two foes.’

12. Read, ’The righteous considereth the house of the wicked; he overturneth the wicked to ruin.’ Perhaps the righteous means God.

14. Bribes are carried ready for use in a fold of the robe.

16. He will come prematurely to his final resting-place amongst’ the Shades’ (Proverbs 2:18).

17. The oil is that used at banquets for anointing (Proverbs 27:9; Deuteronomy 14:26; Nehemiah 8:12; Amos 6:6).

18. Cp. Proverbs 11:8.

22. Strength of the confidence thereof] the stronghold in which it trusted.

25. He desires ease and self-indulgence.

27. Read, ’When he bringeth it to atone for wickedness’ (RM): cp. Leviticus 19:20-22.

28. The man who actually heard what he swears to, will speak constantly or ’for ever’; his testimony will never be shaken.

29. A wicked man boldly maintains whatever suits him; a wise man ’considereth his way’ (RM).

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