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Psalms 34

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Verses 1-22

The reliability of this title (A Psalm of David; when he feigned madness (RM) before Abimelech, who drove him away, and he departed) is doubtful, both because the Philistine king in question is called Achish and not Abimelech in 1 Samuel 21:13, and because the contents of the Ps. are akin to the proverbial wisdom of a later age than David’s. The Ps. is an alphabetic or acrostic one, with some of the same irregularities which are found in Psalms 25. Psalms 34:10-16 are quoted in 1 Peter 3:10-12.

1. At all times.. continually] the utterance of a faith which can maintain gratitude in adversity as well as in prosperity.

2. Humble] RV ’meek,’ all patient and trustful souls.

5. They] The Psalmist’s individual experience is also a general one.

6. This poor man] may refer to the Psalmist himself, but if so it is as a type of others.

7. The angel of the lord] a Being frequently mentioned in the OT.: see Exodus 23:20; Isaiah 63:9. He is not merely an angelic messenger, but is in some sense identified with God Himself. He may be said to stand for God in His self-revealing character, and in His activity among men.

Encampeth] cp. 2 Kings 6:17.

10. Young lions] proverbially strong and courageous, and able to provide for themselves.

11. Come, ye children] an address in the tone of the book of Proverbs: see Proverbs 4

15. Are upon] RV ’are toward,’ not only in watchfulness, but in favour. See the contrast in the next v.

16. The remembrance of them] their ’memorial’ or ’name’: see on Psalms 9:6; Psalms 30:4.

21. Evil shall slay the wicked] Sin is selfdestructive, and works out its own punishment. Or perhaps the words mean simply, ’a calamity shall slay the wicked.’ Desolate] RV ’condemned.’ So in Psalms 34:22.

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