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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 75

Verses 1-10

In contrast with the plaintive strains of Psalms 74 this is a Ps. of thanksgiving for some national deliverance (Psalms 75:1). It celebrates God as the Judge of all the earth, who interposes in His own time amid the confusions of men (Psalms 75:2-3). His enemies are warned against pride (Psalms 75:4-8) by the certainty that His cup of punishment is prepared for the wicked (Psalms 75:8). The Ps. ends with an ascription of praise (Psalms 75:9), and a declaration of God’s righteous purpose (Psalms 75:10). In Psalms 75:2-3, Psalms 75:10, God Himself is the speaker. There is nothing to indicate the date or occasion of the Ps., which presents some parallels with the Song of Hannah (1 Samuel 2:1-10).

Title.—(RV) Al-tashheth] see on Psalms 57.

1b. RV ’for thy name is near: Men tell of thy wondrous works.’ God’s ’name’ means His saving presence (Isaiah 30:27).

2. God speaks. Receive the congregation] RV ’find the set time’ for judgment.

3. Bear up] RV ’have set up.’ God’s moral order stands sure even when it seems that’ the world is out of joint’: cp. 1 Samuel 2:4. Selah] see on Psalms 3:4;

4. Fools] RV ’arrogant’: cp. 1 Samuel 2:4.

4, 5. ’Lifting up the horn’ and having ’a stiff neck’ are figures for self-exaltation and obstinacy.

6. Read, ’For neither from.. cometh judgment.’ Foreign invasions of Israel generally came from the N., and deliverance might naturally be looked for from some of the other quarters mentioned.

7. Setteth up] RV ’lifteth up’: cp. 1 Samuel 2:6, 1 Samuel 2:7.

8. A cup] The same figure for God’s punishment is found in Isaiah 51:17; Jeremiah 25:15; Jeremiah 48:26; Jeremiah 49:12.

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