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Bible Commentaries

Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable

Psalms 75

Verses 1-3

1. God’s appointment of judgment 75:1-3

Asaph gave thanks to God for Israel because God was near His people and had performed wondrous works (Psalms 75:1).

He then put words in God’s mouth that were appropriate in view of earlier revelation. God judges when He decides the time is right, and He judges fairly. His judgment can devastate the world, but He sustains it nevertheless.

Verses 1-10

Psalms 75

This communal thanksgiving psalm anticipated a victory in Israel when God as Judge would destroy the wicked and establish the righteous (cf. 1 Samuel 2:1-10; Luke 1:46-53).

Verses 4-6

These verses call the wicked to repent. The writer said they should stop boasting and acting proudly, as an animal does that defiantly wields its horn against a foe. The wicked refuse to bow before God, as an ox tossing its neck refuses the yoke. No help from any direction will deliver the ungodly when God judges them.

Verses 4-8

2. God’s character as Judge 75:4-8

Verses 7-8

As Judge, God forces His enemies to drink from the cup that determines consequences. He forces them to drink all the wine of judgment that He has prepared for them (cf. Psalms 60:3; Isaiah 51:17-23; Habakkuk 2:16). They cannot escape doing so, or the consequences of doing so, at His appointed time. In some nations kings made convicted criminals drink poisoned wine.

Verses 9-10

3. God’s glory for judging 75:9-10

Asaph concluded by praising God publicly, and in song, for judging His enemies. The horns symbolize strength, and they picture animals. Israel’s enemies would lose their strength, but God’s people would grow stronger. God may be speaking again in Psalms 75:10.

This inspiring psalm pictures Yahweh in His role as Judge of all the earth. Its perspective is toward that day when He will act in justice for His people. This day will inevitably come, and we need to keep it in view since God waits to judge. The Judge of all the earth will do justly (Genesis 18:25).

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