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Bible Commentaries
Genesis 29

Darby's Synopsis of the New TestamentDarby's Synopsis


1:1 God (a-4) Heb. Elohim , the plural of Eloah , 'the Supreme'. It is Deity in the absolute sense. Elohim will, in the text, appear only in the name of Jehovah Elohim ; moreover, when Elohim following immediately on Jehovah has a grammatical adjunct, its place will be taken by the English word 'God'. see Genesis 9:26 and 24.7. Other Hebrew divine names translated as 'God' will be indicated as follows. Eloah +God; El , (meaning 'The Mighty,' see Genesis 14:18 ), *God. For the meaning of Jehovah, (Heb. Yahveh , or Yehveh ), the ever-existing One, see Exodus 3:14 ,Exodus 3:15 ; Isaiah 40:28 . For Jah , the existing One objectively, see Exodus 15:2 ; Psalms 68:4 . The name seems to express absolute rather than continuous existence. For Adonai (a name of God, not merely a title), translated 'Lord', see Ezekiel 2:4 .

Verse 1

29:1 journey, (c-5) Lit. 'lifted up his feet.'

Verse 6

29:6 well? (d-8) Lit. 'Has he peace?' well; (e-14) Lit. 'Peace.'

Verse 7

29:7 high (f-8) Lit. 'great.'

Verse 14

29:14 time. (a-21) Lit. 'a month of days.'

Verse 16

29:16 Leah, (b-12) Weariness. Rachel. (c-19) Ewe.

Verse 30

29:30 him (d-20) Or 'served him.'

Verse 32

29:32 Reuben; (e-12) See! a son.

Verse 33

29:33 Simeon. (f-32) Hearing.

Verse 34

29:34 Levi. (g-33) United.

Verse 35

29:35 Judah. (h-22) Praise.

Bibliographical Information
Darby, John. "Commentary on Genesis 29". "John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/dsn/genesis-29.html. 1857-67.
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