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Genesis 29

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


As was before remarked of the faithful, every minute circumstance is recorded by the Holy Ghost, which concerns the church: so is this Chapter, the domestic occurrences of Jacob's family, occupy more attention than the history of all the world beside, in that period. The sacred historian relates the journey of the Patriarch; his arrival at Haran; his reception by Laban; his servitude; his marriage; his children; these form the principal contents of this chapter.

Genesis 29:1

Acts 8:39 . Grace in exercise, made Jacob go on his way, like the Ethiopian, rejoicing.

Verse 2

A well of water was considered a great treasure in those hot eastern countries. Hence Jesus is often spoken of under that similitude. Isaiah 32:2 ; John 7:37; John 7:37 .

Verse 4

Acts 7:2

Verse 7

How sweetly is the Lord Jesus represented under the similitude of a shepherd! John 10:1-18 . And how delightfully is the church represented as his flock. Song of Solomon 1:7 . Rachael's name signifies a sheep.

Verse 8

How the Lord directed Jacob's way! Psalms 32:8 .

Verses 10-12

Brother, here means no more than a relation.

Verses 13-14

It is profitable to remark, of whom these things were spoken in after ages; our great kinsman after the flesh. Ephesians 5:30 .

Verses 15-18

How striking is that scripture, in which the Holy Ghost takes notice of this event: Hosea 12:12 . Reader! do not overlook in this precious lesson, what interest a covenant God takes, in even the seemingly small concerns of his people.

Verses 19-20

Labours of love are always apparently short and sweet. Hebrews 6:10 . But what were the services of the Redeemer for his spouse, the church, and for whom he travailed in soul: Isaiah 53:11 .

Verse 27

See Judges 14:12 .

Verse 30

Some have thought that by the two wives of Jacob, are represented the two churches, the Jew and the Gentile.

Verse 32

Reuben means See a son.

Verse 33

Simeon signifies hearing.

Verse 34

Levi means joined. See Numbers 18:2 .

Verse 35

It was common among the Patriarchs, to give names to their children, such as might be expressive of somewhat remarkable. 1 Samuel 1:20 . Judah signifies praise.


Reader! remark in this Chapter, how the Lord conducts the steps of his people, when he graciously brings them into the bond of the covenant. Though he leads them into the wilderness, he will not leave them there, but will speak comfortably to them; and as, in all their ways they desire to acknowledge him, he will direct their steps. What a simplicity marked the primitive ages! A few flocks and herds, and the produce of the field, constituted, for the most part, the riches of the Patriarchs. And even now, is not food and raiment with Jesus, all that the believer wants below! Lord! grant me the sure possession of Jesus, and keep my heart always with wise indifference to the things of time and sense; for having him, I shall in him possess all things.

I cannot pass over, in this place, what is said respecting the names of Jacob's children, without calling upon the Reader to observe with me, what a gracious practice it was, in the church of old, thus to minute down in the several providences they met with, the Lord's gracious dealings with them. When godly parents perpetuate God's mercies, in the names they give their children, every view of the child, and every renewed mention of the name, tends to refresh the recollection of those mercies. I venture to think, that the mother, or sister of Moses (though the name was given him by another, as the name signified drawn out of the water) yet never heard his name spoken of, but it brought again to mind his wonderful deliverance. And was not Samuel's name always refreshing to Hannah, when she herself gave it him, on this express account, in that it meant, what she too well knew ever to forget, that he was asked of God? Reader! pause over this, and let you and I enquire of our own hearts, how many Samuels we might name mercies by, if we were to number all that we have received, and which have been asked of God? Blessed Lord! revive in my forgetful heart continual remembrances of thy unnumbered mercies: and though I have neglected to mark them down by name, yet may the Holy Ghost, who acts in the sweet character of Remembrancer to his people, continually bring all things (and all mercies too) of my God and Saviour to my remembrance, whatsoever he hath shown me.

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