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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

Revelation 15

1:1 place; (b-19) Aorist, lit. 'have taken place,' perhaps 'be accomplished.' signified (c-22) * Lit. 'made known by signs.'

Verse 1

15:1 completed. (e-27) Aorist.

Verse 3

15:3 God (a-25) See Note l, ch. 1.8.

Verse 4

15:4 holy; (b-16) Hosios , not hagios . It is used for mercy, grace, and of Christ, as the One in whom all gracious qualities are concentrated. (Psalms 89:1 ,Psalms 89:2 ,Psalms 89:19 .) In men it means piety and uprightness. Chesed is so translated in the Old Testament. It is in general the sum of qualities which suit and form the divine character in man, as opposed to the human will. what God gives as consistent with himself, his character, and promise. The 'sure mercies ' of David is expressed by this word in the LXX, Isaiah 55:3 ; Acts 13:34 . God alone possesses the qualities which entitle him to worship as a pious man would understand it. Hosios is used in this general way for 'holy.' see Note i, Hebrews 7:26 . homage (c-24) See Note h, ch. 3.9. righteousnesses (d-29) See Note, ch. 19.8.

Verse 5

15:5 temple (e-9) Naos . see ch. 3.12.

Verse 6

15:6 temple, (e-14) Naos . see ch. 3.12.

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Darby, John. "Commentary on Revelation 15". "John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament". 1857-67.