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Bible Commentaries

Smith's Writings

Revelation 15

Verses 1-8

13 The Vials (Revelation 15-16)Revelation 12 and 13, the fearful outburst and rebellion against God that will take place under Satan and his instruments in the sphere of the Roman Empire, during the three and a half years that will precede the coming of Christ to put all enemies under His feet and establish His kingdom.

We have further learned that during this time God will secure a people for the kingdom of Christ, announce the everlasting gospel to the nations, and deal in judgment with the wicked.Revelation 15 and 16 further details of the special judgments that will fall upon both the Eastern and Western spheres of the kingdom in which the beasts will exercise their dominion.

(15: 1) These judgments are referred to as "the seven last plagues" that will precede the appearing of Christ, and we are told that "in them is filled up the wrath of God." Rev 5:12), and they foresee that the time has come when all nations shall worship before God; for, at last, His judgments are no longer, as hitherto, of a providential character, but they are "made manifest."

(Vv. 5-8) Having learned the blessing of those who get the victory over the beast, we at once see that the way is opened for judgment upon those who have the mark of the beast. By the symbols used, are we not to learn that these final judgments, before Christ comes, will not only deal with the evil of the nations, but will also be a testimony to the holiness of God's dwelling place, for the angels that are used to execute these judgments come forth from "the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven?" In witness to, and in suitability with, the holiness of God's temple, the angels are "clothed in pure and white linen," and, as becoming those who are about to execute judgment, their affections are held in by a golden girdle that speaks of the righteousness of God.

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Smith, Hamilton. "Commentary on Revelation 15". "Smith's Writings". 1832.