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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

Romans 15


1:1 called (f-7) 'A called apostle,' i.e. an apostle by (divine) calling. Cf. ver. 7 'called saints,' and see note there.

Verse 2

15:2 to (b-16) Or 'for,' pros with accusative. see Note f, Ephesians 4:12 .

Verse 3

15:3 written, (c-14) See Psalms 69:9 .

Verse 9

15:9 written, (d-14) See Psalms 18:49 .

Verse 10

15:10 says, (e-4) See Deuteronomy 32:43 .

Verse 11

15:11 again, (f-2) See Psalms 117:1 . laud (g-14) 'Praise' in this verse is the present tense, see Note h, ch. 6.13. 'Laud' is the aorist of the same verb, but with a strengthening preposition prefixed, giving the sense of 'let them have him lauded.'

Verse 12

15:12 says, (h-4) See Isaiah 11:10 .

Verse 16

15:16 be (i-4) This gives the sense most accurately; the object of the gift was his being minister; 'for,' eis . minister (k-5) An administrator officially employed. see Philippians 2:25 ; Hebrews 1:7 ; Hebrews 8:2 . Leitourgos . as 'officers,' ch. 13.6.

Verse 21

15:21 written, (a-6) See Isaiah 52:15 .

Verse 24

15:24 go (b-4) Or 'whenever I go.' It is the subjunctive; i.e. not a fact assumed to happen, though not yet come; nor treated as improbable, though it may happen, but between the two -- the possibility and intention expressed. The sentence does not follow grammatically, but is interrupted by 'for I hope,' c. company) (c-36) Lit. 'with you.'

Verse 27

15:27 indeed, (d-6) It might be taken as a simple repetition of the beginning of ver. 26.

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