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Bible Commentaries

Expositor's Dictionary of Texts

Genesis 18

Verses 1-33

Abraham's Intercession

Genesis 18:16-33

When Scott the commentator was dying, we are told that he spoke much to those around him on the way in which his prayers for others had been answered. He thought he had failed less in the duty of intercession than in any other. Whether that be true of Scott or not, it is surely very true of Abraham. His nearness to God is never more apparent than when he intercedes for Sodom. Meyer notes these features of his prayer: (1) It was lonely prayer. 'He waited till on all the wide plateau there was no living man to overhear.' (2) It was prolonged prayer. ' We do not give the sun a chance to thaw us. (3) It was very humble prayer, and (4) It was persevering prayer. 'In point of fact God was drawing him on.'

Reference. XVIII. 17-33. Spurgeon, Sermons, vol. xli. No. 2400.

Genesis 18:32

Burke in his 'Observations on a late Publication intituled "The Present State of the Nation,"' remarks that the author, 'after the character he has given of [England's] inhabitants of all ranks and classes, has great charity in caring much about them; and, indeed, no less hope, in being of opinion that such a detestable nation can ever become the care of Providence. He has not found even five good men in our devoted city.'

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