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Habakkuk 1

Verses 1-17


Habakkuk 1:12

Bishop Daniel Wilson chose this passage as the text of his last sermon in Calcutta. He died six months later, on 2 January, 1858, in his eightieth year.

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Lent Temptations to Sin

Habakkuk 1:14-15

Our Lord commissioned His Apostles to become fishers of men. But if Christ, by His priests, is fishing for souls, Satan, the ape of God, is doing the same.

I. Satan's Baits.

a. Job, robbed of his land, of his cattle, of his children, and of his health, has one consolation left his wife. But what does she advise? Curse God and die commit suicide to end your woes. The point of the hook peeps through the bait.

b. Christ, hungry in the desert, what does Satan offer Him? Stones for bread. See the kingdoms of the world, all this will I give Thee! that is the bait Where is the hook? If Thou wilt fall down and worship me.

c. Satan tries his baits, one after another, till he lights on one to which you will rise.

II. The Hook.

a. David, exalted to be king, has a goodly palace, abundant means, numerous servants. How is Satan going to angle for him? With a pretty woman, the wife of another man.

b. Judas grasps at the thirty pieces of silver. The bait is flung and he seizes. Oh! the anguish as the barb cuts into his soul!

c. The anguish that follows sin, the horror and shame in this world and in the next.

S. Baring-Gould, Sermon-Sketches, p. 140.

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