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Habakkuk 1

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Habakkuk prophesied in Judah just before Nebuchadnezzar’s first invasion in 605 BC when Daniel was taken captive. He was commissioned by God to announce the Lord’s intention to punish Judah by the coming deportation into Babylon. Three chapters.

Habakkuk’s Question:

Habakkuk asks God why sin is being tolerated in Judah (Habakkuk 1:1-4); the reply comes that the Lord is raising up Babylon to punish his people (Habakkuk 1:5-11).

This leads to the second question of how God could use people so ungodly as the Babylonians as His instrument to punish Judah (Habakkuk 1:12-2:1). The answer given is that Babylon will be punished in its turn (Habakkuk 2:2-20). The book ends with Habakkuk’s prayer of confident faith in the Lord (Habakkuk 3:1-19).

This is similar to the question that many righteous have faced through the ages: why does God sometime use the wicked to chastise others. Thus, the book of Habakkuk is a defense of God’s goodness and power in view of the existence of evil.

The modern form of the same question: why does the wicked prosper at the expense of God’s people?

The theme of the book is that the person who remains faithful to God and his truth will survive the ordeal about to come.

Outline of Habakkuk:

I. Habakkuk’s Problem

A. 1:1-4 Problem #1: Why does God allow wicked practices to continue in the land?

1:5-11 God’s Answer

B. 1:12-2:1 Problem #2: Why will God use wicked people to punish others?

2:2-20 God’s Answer

II. Habakkuk’s Praise

A. 3:1-3 Praise for the Person of God

B. 3:4-7 Praise for the Power of God

C. 3:8-16 Praise for the Purpose of God

D. 3:17-19 Praise because of Faith in God.

Lesson: God will always be true to Himself in delivering the person who maintains integrity and keeps His divine commandments.

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Verse Comments

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