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1 Peter 2

Edwards' Family Bible New TestamentFamily Bible NT

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Verse 1

Men must cease to do evil if they would rightly understand and appreciate the truths of the gospel, or be savingly benefited in receiving them.

Verse 2

The sincere milk of the word ; the pure spiritual truths of the gospel.

Grow thereby ; many of the best copies read, "grow thereby unto salvation"; that is, grow up, through the spiritual nourishment of the truth, into a state of salvation.

Verse 3

Tasted ; learned by your own blessed experience. Psalms 34:8 .

The Lord ; the Lord Jesus.

Verse 4

A living stone ; Christ, the foundation of the church and of the hopes of his people. Psalms 118:22 ; Isaiah 28:16 ; Isaiah 53:5 .

Verse 5

Lively ; living.

A spiritual house ; the church of God, which is a spiritual temple consisting of living stones, built upon Jesus Christ, the living corner-stone. 1 Corinthians 3:16 ; Ephesians 2:20-22 .

A holy priesthood ; why they are called a priesthood he immediately explains. It is because they offer to God, through Jesus Christ, not the outward sacrifices of the Levitical priesthood, but the spiritual sacrifices ; of a broken heart and a contrite spirit, mingled with the incense of thanksgiving and praise. Psalms 51:17 ; Hosea 14:2 ; Hebrews 13:15 ; Revelation 1:6 ; Revelation 5:10 .

Verse 6

In the scripture ; Isaiah 28:16 . The Scriptures show that Jesus Christ is the only foundation of hope, and that those who build on any other foundation will in the end be disappointed.

Verse 7

The stone ; Christ.

The builders ; Jewish rulers. Matthew 21:42 ; Acts 4:11 .

Verse 8

Stumble at the word ; are offended at the gospel and reject it.

Appointed ; by God, who will bring upon them the punishment they deserve.

Verse 9

But ye are a chosen-priesthood-show forth the praises ; these expressions are a combination of Exodus 19:5-6 , and Isaiah 43:20-21 , according to the Greek version. The idea is, that what God said of the literal Israel under the old economy, holds good of "the Israel of God" under the new, embracing all of every nation who believe in Christ.

The praises ; rather, as in the margin, the virtues; meaning the glorious attributes of God. The priests of the New Testament dispensation, spoken of in the Bible, are Christians; and the sacrifices which they offer are the sacrifices of love and devotion. These are acceptable to God through Jesus Christ, who by one offering of himself obtained eternal life for all who put their trust in him.

Verse 10

Not a people-obtained mercy ; quoted from Hosea 1:9-10 ; Hosea 2:1 , upon the same principle as above.

Verse 11

As strangers and pilgrims ; there seems to be a double allusion here: first, to their literal dispersion in foreign lands, chap 1 Peter 1:1 ; secondly, to their being pilgrims and strangers upon earth, which their literal sojourn among foreigners well shadowed forth. 1 Chronicles 29:15 ; Hebrews 11:9-10 , compared with verses 1 Peter 2:13-16 . From all gratifications which injure the soul, or tend to hinder its salvation, the gospel requires total abstinence.

Verse 12

Conversation ; deportment, manner of life.

The day of visitation ; the time when the gospel is accompanied by the Holy Spirit. Honesty, uprightness, and a kind and courteous demeanor should be conscientiously observed by the followers of Christ, that they may manifest the excellence of religion, and as far as possible lead all men to embrace it.

Verse 13

Every ordinance of man ; all human laws which are not in opposition to the law of God.

For the Lord’s sake ; for the purpose of honoring him.

Verse 14

The praise of them that do well ; their protection, security, and comfort.

Verse 15

Put to silence ; a good life best confounds slanderers.

Verse 16

As free ; free from the service of Satan, and from slavish bondage to human ordinances. Compare Galatians 5:13 .

For a cloak of maliciousness ; not abusing your liberty by making it a cover for doing wrong to man.

Verse 17

Honor all men ; by showing them proper respect.

The brotherhood ; Christians, who are all equally children of God.

Fear God ; in such a manner as shall lead you to obey him.

The king ; the one who is at the head of civil government. True religion teaches us to conduct with propriety in all conditions and relations of life, and to exercise those feelings towards others which we ought to wish others to exercise towards us.

Verse 18

All fear ; all proper respect.

The froward ; wicked, peevish, morose.

Verse 21

Hereunto were ye called ; to exercise a kind and forgiving spirit when injured, and thus honor Christ, who, when injured, manifested such a spirit. Isaiah 53:7-9 ; Acts 8:32 .

Verse 23

To him ; God, who although he commands his people to manifest a Christian spirit towards all, will nevertheless condemn and punish those who oppress or injure them. Matthew 25:40-46 . The commands of God to exercise right feelings when suffering under wrongs, were not designed to excuse the authors of those wrongs; and to quote these commands for such a purpose is a gross perversion of Scripture.

Verse 24

Bare our sins ; expiated them by suffering in his own person the curse of them, and thus delivering us from it. John 1:29 ; Galatians 3:13 .

The tree ; the cross.

Dead to sins ; freed from their guilt and power.

By whose stripes ; in consequence of whose sufferings. Isaiah 53:5 .

Ye were healed ; delivered from sin in its condemnation and pollution.

Verse 25

The Shepherd and Bishop ; Jesus Christ, the overseer and watchman of our souls. Isaiah 40:11 .

Bibliographical Information
Edwards, Justin. "Commentary on 1 Peter 2". "Edwards' Family Bible New Testament". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/fam/1-peter-2.html. American Tract Society. 1851.
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