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John 17

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Verse 1

These words ; the words contained in the preceding chapters.

The hour ; the time for his suffering and death.

Glorify thy Son ; by sustaining him in his coming trials, and showing that he is indeed the Messiah.

May glorify thee ; in making known thy salvation, and preparing multitudes for glory.

Verse 2

Power over all ; for the salvation of his people. Matthew 28:18 ; John 5:21 ; John 6:37 ; John 6:40 ; John 10:15-16 .

Verse 3

This is life eternal ; the right knowledge of God and Jesus Christ gives endless spiritual life to the soul. The knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ is as important to men as their eternal salvation. Hence, it is the duty of those who have this knowledge, to aid in imparting it to all people; and all laws, customs, and usages which tend to prevent this are wicked, and ought for ever to be done away.

Verse 4

Glorified thee on the earth ; by doing in all things what he was commissioned of the Father to do.

Finished the work ; the work to which he was appointed.

Verse 5

Before the world was ; Philippians 2:6 .

Verse 6

I have manifested thy name ; thy whole character and attributes; for these are all comprehended in God’s name.

The men ; his disciples, especially the apostles.

Verse 7

All things-are of thee ; they understood the truth, which the Saviour had so often maintained against his persecutors, that all his mighty works were wrought not merely of himself, but in accordance with the commission he had received from the Father. Chap John 5:19 ; John 5:30 ; John 5:36 ; John 7:28 ; John 8:28 ; John 8:54 ; John 10:37-38 ; John 12:49 .

Verse 8

The words which thou gavest me ; the instructions which he was commissioned to impart. The reception of the doctrines revealed, and the performance of the duties required by Jesus Christ, are evidences of our being given to him of the Father; they increase our knowledge of him and love to him as a Saviour, and awaken expectations which will not be disappointed, of dwelling with him for ever.

Verse 9

I pray for them ; his disciples.

Not for the world ; the wicked. He did not at this time pray for his enemies, but for his friends.

Verse 10

I am glorified in them ; on their side, by their reception of me as a Saviour, and committing themselves and all their interests to my guidance and disposal; on my side, by the manifestation which I make in them of my power and love, in sanctifying them, giving them the victory over the world and Satan, and bringing them to glory everlasting.

Verse 11

Through thine own name ; see note to verse John 17:6 .

Verse 12

I kept them in thy name ; by the manifestation of thy character and will in my instructions and example.

Son of perdition ; Judas, whose ruin was foretold in the Scriptures. Psalms 109:8 ; Acts 1:20 . Those manifestations of God by which he makes known his character and will, the duty and blessedness of serving him, and the sin and misery of neglecting him, are means by which he keeps his people with his mighty power, through faith unto salvation. 1 Peter 1:5 .

Verse 13

My joy ; see note to chap John 15:11 .

Fulfilled ; made perfect and lasting.

Verse 14

There is a great difference between the spirit of the world and the spirit of Christ. One leads us to seek our chief good in earthly things, the other to seek it in learning and doing the will of God.

Verse 17

Through thy truth ; by giving them right views of truth, and leading them to obey it. As divine truth is the great means of sanctification, the more clearly it is understood and the more faithfully it is obeyed, the more holy men will be, the more lovely will be their character, and the greater their usefulness and enjoyment.

Verse 19

I sanctify myself ; consecrate and devote myself to my work, that they may be prepared and disposed to perform theirs.

Verse 20

These ; apostles, or those who were then disciples.

Which shall believe ; all who should become his disciples and followers.

Verse 21

They all may be one ; Christ brings all his true disciples into an inward living union with himself and the Father, and thus makes them all one with each other.

That the world may believe that thou hast sent me ; the manifestation in believers of this inward union of love and holiness, first with the Father and the Son, and then with one another, is to the world the most convincing proof of the truth of Christ’s mission.

Verse 22

The glory ; given him as a reward for his labors and sacrifices as Mediator.

I have given them ; by participation and promise, in order to their complete and perfect union to him and one another, that the world might see the excellence of his religion, and be led to embrace it.

Verse 23

Increasing union of views, affections, and efforts among the disciples of Christ, will furnish increasing evidence of the divine excellence of his religion, and lead increasing numbers to embrace it.

Verse 24

With me where I am ; in heaven. The death of Christians is in answer to the prayers of Christ, and for the purpose of removing them to the perfect and everlasting enjoyment of his presence in heaven.

Verse 25

Not known ; not known so as to love and obey him.

These ; his apostles and disciples.

Verse 26

Declared unto them thy name ; made thee known to them.

Will declare it ; will more fully make thee known to them, to the increase of their love, union, and blessedness.

Bibliographical Information
Edwards, Justin. "Commentary on John 17". "Edwards' Family Bible New Testament". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/fam/john-17.html. American Tract Society. 1851.
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