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Luke 18

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Verse 1

Always ; habitually, perservingly.

Not to faith ; not to be discouraged, or cease to pray. No man fulfils his obligations to God or to himself who is not in the habit of daily prayer, and who is not sincere in his supplications for himself and his fellow-men.

Verse 3

Avenge me of mine adversary ; by attending to my suit, and compelling him to do me justice.

Verse 6

Hear ; attend and receive the instruction which this case affords.

Verse 7

Shall not God avenge his own elect ; the argument is from the less to the greater. If importunity had such power with an unjust judge, who cared not for the poor widow’s cause, how much more shall God, the just judge, who tenderly cares for his people, vindicate and deliver them from their foes? Cry day and night ; pray daily, habitually.

Though he bear long ; though for a long time he delays to answer.

Verse 8

He will avenge them speedily ; though the time may seem long to them, it is still short; for it is not delayed a moment beyond the proper hour. See 2 Peter 3:8-9 .

Cometh ; to avenge his elect. Shall he find faith ; an intimation that God’s delay will try the faith of even his true disciples.

Verse 9

A high opinion of our own goodness in comparison with that of others, and a disposition to exalt ourselves, are exceedingly offensive to God; while a deep conviction of our own unworthiness, hearty contrition for sin, and humble supplication for mercy, are his delight.

Verse 12

Tithes ; a tenth part.

Verse 13

The publican , standing afar off ; at the outer side of the temple, far from the holy place, as not worthy to approach it.

Smote upon his breast ; in token of his distress in view of his sins.

Verse 14

Justified ; approved and accepted. Chap Luke 14:11 .

Verse 15

Infants are not too young to need a Saviour; parents should feel this, and in faith implore for them his grace. He died to redeem them, and delights to have all parents seek for their children the blessings of his salvation.

Verses 15-30

Children brought to Christ; the rich ruler. Matthew 19:13-30 .

Verse 22

Christ, in his providence, tries the hearts of men, and gives them opportunity to see themselves, and to manifest to others whether they love him supremely. If they do and show this by giving up whatever is incompatible with his will, they greatly increase their present enjoyment, and secure eternal life.

Verses 31-33

All things that are written by the prophets ; those who in the Old Testament had foretold his death. Daniel 9:25-27 ; Isaiah 53:3-10 .

Christ foretells his death . Matthew 20:17-19 .

Verse 34

Understood none of these things ; the things concerning his death, of which he had spoken. They supposed that the Messiah would be a great temporal prince, and reign for ever. Their wishes for this, and their expectations of it, were so strong that they did not believe or apprehend the meaning of what he had said. Matthew 16:21-23 ; Matthew 20:17-19 .

Desire has great influence on belief. It is exceedingly difficult to make men correctly apprehend and cordially believe what they are opposed to; while they readily understand and easily believe what they wish to have true.

Verse 35

As he was come nigh unto Jericho ; was near to, or in the vicinity of Jericho. Matthew and Mark say that it was as he departed from or went out of Jericho. Matthew also says that there were two blind men: Mark and Luke mention but one, probably because he was the most distinguished and best known. Matthew 20:29-34 ; Mark 10:46-52 .

Bibliographical Information
Edwards, Justin. "Commentary on Luke 18". "Edwards' Family Bible New Testament". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/fam/luke-18.html. American Tract Society. 1851.
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