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Luke 18

Gann's Commentary on the BibleGann on the Bible

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Verse 1

Luke 18:1

pray ... Seventeen specific occasions when Jesus prayed are recorded.

Verse 7

Luke 18:7

God avenge ... Revelation 6:10; Luke 21:22; Revelation 18:20

Verse 8

Luke 18:8

avenge them speedily ... en tokeia; ( ἐν τάχει. see Revelation 1:1) This came in AD 70 - Will Christians persevere? They need to pray!

ἐν τάχει list: Luke 18:8; Acts 12:7; Acts 22:18; Acts 25:4; Romans 16:20; Revelation 1:1; Revelation 2:5; Revelation 22:6;

Verse 13

Luke 18:13

Saying, God be merciful -- From this passage some teach salvation by prayer only, that all one has to do is to ask God to be merciful. But remember: 1) This man was a Jew and already in covenant relationship with God, and so repentance and prayer brought him back into a good relationship with God. 2) This is not God’s plan for the sinner who does not know Him.

cf. Acts 2:21 - Call on the name -- To commit to the Lord’s Gospel in contrast to all other means of salvation. John 14:6; Hebrews 5:9; Matthew 7:21; It is erroneous and short-sighted to teach salvation by "prayer only" from this passage; that is not what it means to "call on the name of the Lord."

Verse 15

Luke 18:15

they brought -- infants ... The parents saw the need of Christ’s blessing and influence in the lives of their children. Today parents often put things in the way of their children coming to Christ.

Verse 18

Luke 18:18

See Topic Note, "Sermons_Gann" for sermon

Life’s Greatest Choice

Matthew 19:20 = young

Luke 18:18 = certain ruler

Matt & Mark = great possession

Luke = very rich

Mark 10:21 Jesus loved him

Verse 22

Luke 18:22

one thing ... Despite all he had, and had done, there was a lack of satisfaction. Material things themselves do not bring satisfaction.

Verse 31

Luke 18:31

to Jerusalem ... Jesus is talking about "the cross."

all things ... written by the prophets ... The O.T. spoke of the "messiah".

must be accomplished ... fulfilled; This refutes pre-mill and an earthly kingdom. The prophets fortold the cross "all things".

Verse 32

Luke 18:32

delivered -- They didn’t view the Messiah as the Suffering Savior of Isaiah 53:1-10 Jewish leaders would deliver him. Acts 2:22-23

Little is said about Jesus’ fulfilling prophecies because that theme was not as important to Gentile readers as it was to Jewish readers. Luke has only five direct references to fulfillment of prophecy and all but one (Luke 3:4) are found in the teaching of Jesus to Israel.

Verse 33

Luke 18:33

scourge -- Christ knew what would happen. He knew why he came into the world, Luke 19:10; Acts 2:22-23

Verse 35

Luke 18:35

// Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52 See note at Mark 10:46 for sermon, "The Day Jesus Stood Still"

Bibliographical Information
Gann, Windell. "Commentary on Luke 18". Gann's Commentary on the Bible. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/gbc/luke-18.html. 2021.
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