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Isaiah 63

F.B. Meyer's 'Through the Bible' CommentaryMeyer's Commentary

Verses 1-9

the Mighty Savior

Isaiah 63:1-9

For long years there had been virulent hostility between Israel and Edom. It began when Esau and Jacob were lads. It broke out in bitterness when Edom denied Israel the right of passage, Numbers 20:20-21 . When Babylon had triumphed over Jerusalem, Edom urged that her walls should be leveled to the ground, Psalms 137:7 .

How great the change pictured here! The prophet stands at the division of the two countries, looking south, from the foothills of Judah across the sandy waste. In the distance he beholds the mighty Warrior coming up from Edom, His garments wet, not with His own blood, but with Edom’s; henceforth to stand as sentinel between Edom and Israel, so that nevermore need Israel fear invasion.

If Edom stands for sins of passion or for the hatred of unscrupulous foes, see how safe and blessed you are. Jesus, the Mighty to save, stands between you and your besetting sins, between you and your fears, between you and the power of the adversary, Psalms 63:9 . “Mention the lovingkindness of the Lord!”

Verses 10-19

Salvation Obstructed by Rebellion

Isaiah 63:10-19

The exhortation of the Apostle against grieving the Holy Spirit is based on Isaiah 63:10 . See Ephesians 4:30 . There is no limit to the gracious work which the Holy Spirit will do in and for us, if only we will take jealous care of our behavior toward Him. Be especially heedful about thy speech! The least uncharitableness hurts Him, as frost the spring-blossoms.

But God never forgets the blessed past and labors to restore it. See what He will do! His power shall work through a human wrist, Isaiah 63:12 . Before Him the waters part and leave a path for His chosen. All that would cause us to stumble is taken out of the way and we are led as on a level plain. As cattle descend into the hollows of the hills at noon, to escape the sultry heat, so will God’s Spirit cause us to rest. Oh, claim that these promises be realized! He is Father, Redeemer, the Eternal, the Lover of souls! Even when we believe not and have forfeited all claim on Him, He remaineth faithful and cannot deny Himself!

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