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Bible Commentaries

Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Isaiah 63

Verses 1-19

  1. Intro:
    1. Pray for Kim Peck & Golden Preciado (join 35 ladies) going to Russia to do a women’s conference. [spilt up into small groups & go as far as Siberia] {leave Jan 27-Feb 6th}
    2. From this, chapter till the end of the book, there will be a mixture of welcome & rejection!
    3. Q: What movie comes to your mind of the actor covered in blood after a very bloody battle?
      1. The Patriot - Peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin(Mel Gibson) is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution when a sadistic British officer murders his son.
        1. Why is it we can relate to him holding his innocently slain son, & not relate to our heavenly Father w/His?
      2. This evening we deal with Jesus as a Blood Stained Warrior!
        1. He came the 1st time to shed His blood… he comes the next time to shed there’s!
    1. Catechism time: - 2 questions & 2 answers.
    2. MIGHTY TO SAVE! (1)
    3. Edom (red, from Esau, enemy of Jacob/Israel) & Bozrah(a city of Edom)
      1. Explain – from Aqaba(Elat) to Petra, in Jordan today, East of Israel.
    4. See Malachi1:3-5 - He contrasts Jacob(Israelites)whom He has chosen, & Esau(Edomites)whom he has rejected.
      1. Jacob & his offspring received land & an inheritance.
      2. Esau received, “[his mountains] laid waste and his heritage For the jackals of the wilderness."
      3. Quick history – The Nabataeans pushed northward and seized the territories of Edom and Moab, forcing Edom into southern Judah.
        1. How God evicted them from southern Judah was exhibit #1.
      4. Hated? – The amazing thing is not that God hated Esau, but that he loved “lying & conniving” Jacob! (& we are all Jacob’s)
        1. Q: Why does God hate any man? The only right answer… because that man deserves it!
      5. Regarding Esau some note that “well God waits to pronounce this doom upon him till the end of OT history”(last book). But in the context of “election”, Paul says in Romans 9:11-13 “Yet, before the twins were born or had done anything good or bad--in order that God's purpose in election might stand: not by works but by him who calls--she was told, "The older will serve the younger." Just as it is written: "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.".”(NIV)
    5. Mighty to save…How? (Completely & thoroughly!)
      1. Mighty to save, those who repent! Mighty to…give men new hearts! Mighty to…work faith in them! - Mighty to make men who hate holiness to love it! - Mighty to…cause men to bow their knee; Mighty to…keep his people holy after He has made them so! Mighty to save them all the way till they’re perfect in glory!
      2. You are powerless, but He is Mighty! He is All-Mighty!
      3. “Lay hold on that Mighty Arm & rouse it to put forth its strength!” (Spurgeon; M & E; Jan 14 Morning.)
      4. So whether it is for others, or to carry on the work in you, Jesus is Mighty to save!
    6. ​​​​​​​MIGHTY TO DESTORY! (2-6)
    7. As He is Mighty to Save…He equally is Mighty to Destroy!
    8. Q: Do you see any link between God’s love & God’s wrath?
      1. We do…at the Cross! – His greatest love toward man, & His greatest disgust toward sin!
    9. (5) The Solitary Savior is the emphasis. The only One mighty to save!
    10. The Grapes of Wrath – Read Battle Hymn of Republic [101 Hymn Stories]
      1. ​​​​​​​There can be no peace w/o bloodshed, no liberation w/o sacrifice.
    11. Jesus’ 1st miracle on earth was turning water into wine; His last victory before establishing His kingdom on earth will be treading out the winepress of His wrath!
    12. Q: How does this horrifying picture of God’s wrath help you to see the world in a clearer light?
      1. Q: Does it change your attitude at all?
    13. And so stands our mighty bloody Warrior between Edom & Israel.
      1. How safe & blessed we are!
      2. Jesus Mighty to save, between us & our besetting sins! Between us & our fears! Between us & our adversary.
    1. ​​​​​​​MERCY REMEMBERED! (7-10)
    2. Story – I just replaced my Malibu Light bulbs in my front yard.
      1. It’s been dark along our front walkway. I wasn’t sure if they still worked (tripped over them so much!)
      2. I got to my front door last night & turned around & the path behind me was lit up beautifully again!
        1. Here Isaiah causes Israel to look back & remember the Lord’s lovingkindness, goodness, mercy!
    3. (7) Can you say this?
      1. Q: Haven’t you ever experienced a time when you were poor, yet God supplied your needs?
      2. Q: Haven’t you ever experienced a time when you were in a horrible situation, & God delivered you?
      3. Q: Hasn’t the Lord snapped chains from you in the past? Broke any old vices? Set you free?
      4. Then go back then & light up the lamps of the past. They will shine in the darkness until day breaks forth & darkness flees!
    4. (8) He reminds God of His unique relationship w/His own people in the intimate language here.
      1. Surely they are my people – It’s nice knowing where you stand in a relationship!
      2. Kelly & I 1st started dating – a little complicated. We both had boyfriend/girlfriend so we couldn’t tell anyone till that got worked out.
        1. It was nice to finally say, “yea, she’s my girlfriend!”
      3. My girlfriend, my boyfriend, My husband, my wife, MY PEOPLE!
    5. (9,10) In language full of beauty he describes Jehovah’s faithfulness to His people.
      1. He looks back to the days when despite their rebellion & grieving the H.S.(10a), which brought about them being his enemy(10b), He nevertheless carried them(9b), remembered them, & delivered them(11-14). (Morgan)
    6. (9) He was afflicted – God not only goes with you in the difficulties of life, but He knows how you feel also!
    7. (10) Holy Spirit - He is not a mindless power/force, but a person w/feelings, One who could be grieved.
      1. Q: How is He grieved here? – Rebellion!
      2. I read of some parents who decided to use psychology in raising their children. For example, at bedtime they would say to the children, "Would you like to take your doll to bed or your teddy bear to bed?" You see, the beauty of this is that in either case the child is choosing to go to bed. But the whole system collapsed when the three-year-old, who was never allowed to go out after supper, said to her parents one evening, "Do you want me to go out the back door or should I go out the front?"
      3. Rebellion = “opposition or defiance against authority.”
        1. Q: Is this an issue for you at all in your life?
        2. Q: In what area are you kicking against God, ruling your life?
        3. Q: Were you guilty of grieving the Holy Spirit today?
        4. Q: If the opposite of grieve is rejoice, how can you cause the Holy Spirit to rejoice tonight? (ask?)
    1. ​​​​​​​Lord remember us like you did our forefathers in the wilderness!
      1. Note Isaiah includes himself in this petition (he’s not above it)
    2. (15) This was a call to God to act as Father w/power balanced by love.
    3. (16) Trinity in this chapter.
      1. God is 1 in being, 3 in persons.
      2. It is not describing the “parts” of God, nor the “roles” of God (father/son/husband analogy)
      3. Though not fully explained in Scripture, it does set up boundaries outside of which we must not step.
        1. Modalism – (too close) i.e. “no distinction between the 3 persons, just 3 diff ways to express Himself.”
          1. Again the father/son/husband analogy.
        2. Tritheism – (too far apart) “3 beings who make up God.”
        3. 1+1+1=1 is still a false equation!
      4. All 3 persons in the Godhead have all the attributes of deity.
      5. There is a distinction in all the work done by each member of the Trinity.
        1. Example: All 3 work in Salvation!
        2. Father (initiates creation); Son (redeems the creation); H.S. (regenerates & sanctifies, applying redemption to believers).
    4. (17-19) They begged “restore us spiritually!”
      1. They were His special people who once worshipped in the Temple in Jerusalem who the Babylonians destroyed.
      2. Your prayer tonight? - “restore me spiritually!”
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