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Verse 1

Luke 2:1

Census -- Roman Census required men to register in the town where they had a house or fields. Apparently, Joseph’s home town was Bethlehem, not Nazareth. Luke 2:4

When Joseph and Mary return from Egypt, the intended to return to Joseph’s home town (Matthew 2:22) but ended up going to Galilee where it was safer, back to Mary’s home town makeing it their own town (Luke 2:39) until Jesus later make Capurnaum his home.

His intention seems at the same time to have been, henceforth to dwell in Bethlehem; since after the flight into Egypt he returned thither, and was only led by a divine admonition to turn aside to Nazareth. (Caspari, p. 62).

That registers of descent were kept, is vouched for by Ezra 2:1-57, and especially Ezra 2:59-63; and that they were preserved in the case of those performing the functions of the priesthood, and particularly in that of descendants of the house of David, is confirmed by the books of Jewish tradition. Thus we read in Jerus. Taanith, fol. 68. 1, that a genealogical table existed in Jerusalem, which showed that Hillel was descended from David through Abital; (Caspari, p. 63)

Verse 4

Luke 2:4

This does not sound like a myth, does it! Not "Once upon a time in a never, never land".

History: 1) certain people; 2) doing certain things; 3) at a certain time; 4) in a certain place.

Verse 8

Luke 2:8

fi eld of the shepherds -- See p. 63, (A CHRONOLOGICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL INTRODUCTION to the LIFE OF CHRIST by CH. ED. CASPARI From the Original German Work, Revised by the Author)

Verse 25

Luke 2:25

Simeon ... The best known Simeon in the land at the time was the famous father of Gamaliel (Acts 5:34, etc) see ISBE.

Why would Luke use real names in these two stories unless they were well known people to the public of the location and time about which he was writing.

Verse 43

Luke 2:43

days ... probably about seven.

Verse 51

Luke 2:51

Mary treasured all these things in her heart, reflecting on and remembering her 12-year-old’s words, even though she did not understand them. Perhaps Luke received these details about the early years of Jesus from Mary herself or from someone in whom she had confided. cf. Luke 2:19

Verse 52

Luke 2:52

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