Bible Commentaries

Jeremiah 2

Verses 1-37

The first movement in commissioning the called man now commences. He was commanded to utter a great impeachment in the ears of Jerusalem. This impeachment was threefold. It first declared how Israel had forsaken Jehovah, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves. In the second place, Israel was charged with obstinate sinfulness, the meaning of her suffering was declared, the folly of her alliances was pointed out, the guilt of her degeneracy was pronounced, the falseness of her denial of sin was denounced, the helplessness of her gods was declared, and the injustice of her protest was affirmed.

This section moves forward in the form of question and answer. The impeachment ends with a summary, charging Israel with lack of love, obstinate impenitence, and useless alliances.