Bible Commentaries

Psalms 149

Verses 1-9

As the last song ended by the recognition of the place of the saints in expressing the universal praise of Jehovah, this one enlarges the thought by confining itself wholly to the anthem of saints. “His praise in the assembly of the saints” (v. Psalms 149:1); “Let the saints exult in glory” (v. Psalms 149:5); “This honour have all His saints” (v. Psalms 149:9). The saints are to praise Him as Creator and King. They are to do this with all the abandon of the dance and of music; because He has taken pleasure in them, and beautified them with salvation.

This praise is to be the perpetual attitude of their lives. They are to “exult in glory,” and to “sing for joy upon their beds.” Their praise is not merely to be that of the chanting of words. It is also to be in the doing of His will. While the high praises of God are in their mouth, a two-edged sword is to be in their hand, with which they carry out His purposes among the peoples, the kings, and the nobles. The privilege of praise in word and work is an honour, specially conferred upon His saints.