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Psalms 56

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-13

The keynote of this psalm is the concluding declaration of the previous one, "I will trust in Thee." Here again are evident the same circumstances of oppression (verses Psa 56:5-7 ). The song opens and closes with praise. The opening (verses Psa 56:1-4 ) is a prayer for deliverance which culminates in a note of praise. Notice how it ascends. First, the singer declares that in the hour of fear he will trust. Then he declares he will trust and not be afraid.

The closing movement is wholly of praise. The tenderness of God is exquisitely stated. Wanderings are known to Him, and by Him tears are preserved. Against all adversaries God is for the psalmist. Then again the high note of trust canceling fear is struck, and the psalm ends with a sacrifice of praise.

It is a gracious thing to know God well enough to be able resolutely to trust Him when fear possesses the heart. It is a much finer thing to trust Him so completely as to have no fear. Both ways lead homewards, but the former is low level traveling, while the latter is high level.

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