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Genesis 24

Hampton's Commentary on Selected BooksHampton's Commentary

Verses 1-27

Abraham's Servant Finds Rebekah

Abraham would have been one hundred thirty-seven at the time of Sarah's death. He made his oldest servant promise to find a wife for Isaac. He made him swear he would not select a woman from among the Canaanites but would return to Mesopotamia. Abraham assured the servant God would send an angel before him to make sure of a good selection. The servant loaded goods and gifts on camels to make the journey of over five hundred miles back to the region of Abraham's original home. Outside the city of Nahor, the servant made his camels kneel beside a well. He then prayed God would guide him in the selection of a wife for Isaac. He asked God to cause the woman to not only give him drink but also to water his camels.

Sometime after Abraham was tested, he learned his brother Nahor had children byMilcah. One of those children was Bethuel, the father of Rebekah. It was this beautiful young woman who was the answer to the servant's prayer. After she had watered the camels, the servant gave her a gold ring for her nose and two golden bracelets. When she identified herself as the daughter of Bethuel and descendant of Nahor, the servant bowed to give God thanks for providentially leading him to the right woman ( Gen_24:1-27 ).

Verses 28-58

Wedding Arrangements

Rebekah ran home to tell of the man she had met and gifts he had given. She also planned to finalize plans for him to stay with her family. Laban, her brother, ran to bring the servant from the well to their house. The camels were fed, the servant's feet washed and food placed before him. Then, he began to tell the story of Abraham's plan for his son Isaac's wedding. He included a brief report his prayer and God's answer.

Bethuel and Laban knew this was the Lord's doing, so they agreed to let Rebekah marry Isaac. After the servant had again thanked God, he gave jewelry of silver and gold to Rebekah, along with clothing. He also gave gifts to the rest of the family. The next morning, the servant wanted to leave for Hebron. Laban and his mother asked him to stay ten days. However, the servant said he wanted to return to his master because such a success had been achieved. They called Rebekah to ask her and she consented to go ( Gen_24:28-58 ).

Verses 59-67

Rebekah Becomes Isaac's Wife

The family then sent Rebekah away with her nurse and maids by her side. They blessed her, saying, "Our sister, may you become the mother of thousands of ten thousands; and may your descendants possess the gates of those who hate them." Rebekah and her maids then set off behind the servant of Abraham.

While the servant was away, Isaac went to the South, possibly the Negeb, to wait for his bride. When the servant came, he told Isaac all that had happened. Isaac then took Rebekah as his wife. Interestingly, though they had not known one another before, the text tells us he "loved her." Because of that love, he was comforted in the death of his mother ( Gen_24:59-67 ).

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