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Judges 12

Hampton's Commentary on Selected BooksHampton's Commentary

Verses 1-6

Jdg_12:1-15 once again reveals the tragedy pride can lead us into (compare Jos_17:14-18 and Jdg_8:1-3 ). The tribe of Ephraim approached Jephthah with threats because he had not called them to battle. He told them he had called and they had refused to come to his aid so he proceeded into battle without them at great personal risk. Jephthah gathered his army together and fought with the people of Ephraim. They blocked their path across the fords of Jordan and used a dialect distinction to be sure none got away. Forty-two thousand were slain as a result of pride (1-6).

Verses 7-15

Jephthah judged Israel for six years. He was followed by Ibzan, who judged for seven years and Elon, who God used over his people for ten years. Abdon is said to be a Pirathonite, which was in Ephraim ( 1Ch_27:14 ). He judged for eight years.

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