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Bible Commentaries

Everett's Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures

2 Chronicles 12

Verses 1-16

2 Chronicles 12:7-8 Comments God’s Omniscience - God knows the hearts of men and He does as He pleases to them (Psalms 135:6).

Psalms 135:6, “Whatsoever the LORD pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places.”

2 Chronicles 12:9-10 Comments Rehoboam Replaces Brass for Gold - Kenneth Hagin teaches that Solomon used pure gold to build the Temple. When Rehoboam replaced the golden shields with shields of brass, he replaced God’s order of worship for a substitute. Brass is an alloy, a mixture of copper and zinc. As a type and figure for us today, when we worship the Lord in the flesh and not in the Spirit, we are substituting brass for gold. Note these words:

“As Jesus and I were standing above the crown talking, He said to me, ‘In this Charismatic move, Christians have brought the brass of the world into the temple of the Lord as a substitute for pure gold. Therefore, I can only bless My people so far, because they’ve substituted brass for gold. They’ve brought the clapping and the dancing of the world into the temple.’” [40]

[40] Kenneth Hagin, Plans Pursuits and Purposes (Tulsa, Oklahoma: Faith Library Publications, c1988, 1993), 85, 93.

The pure gold represented the worship of God in the Spirit from a pure heart. The brass represents the flesh. But the two look very much alike. You have to look closely in order to tell the difference. We cannot go back to the Old Testament and pick up their dances and worship as they did under the Old Covenant. Hagin notes that there in no mention of dancing in the New Testament. However, there are times when the Holy Spirit moves upon someone to dance “in the Spirit”. But often times, when people move out into the aisles to dance, they are just putting on a show in the flesh. Dancing done in the Spirit blessing everyone and allows the Spirit to move in the meeting. Dancing in the flesh quenches the Spirit. Hagin quotes what Jesus said to him:

“It is unscriptural to dance before the Lord in the New Testament. But it is scriptural to dance in the Spirit.” [41]

[41] Kenneth Hagin, Plans Pursuits and Purposes (Tulsa, Oklahoma: Faith Library Publications, c1988, 1993), 97.

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