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Everett's Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures

Isaiah 43

Verses 1-28

God’s Sovereignty Over the Nations - God created the nation of Israel, the children of Abraham, to be a light unto the world, to be a messenger of God’s salvation (Isaiah 42:19). God had placed this nation at the crossroads of civilizations, at the crossroads of travel where three continents meet, of Europe, Asia and Africa. All who passed through the land of Israel would have seen God’s blessings and would have heard of God’s glorious salvation to His people. Israel had seen God’s glorious miracles (Isaiah 42:20) in the past and their obedience would have exalted the Law as great and glorious (Isaiah 42:21) because their nation would have abounded with divine blessings. Instead, Israel rebelled and became deaf and blind (Isaiah 42:18). Therefore, God turned them over to divine judgment (Isaiah 42:22-25). Yet, because of God’s unfailing love for His people (Isaiah 43:3), He has redeemed them (Isaiah 43:1-4). He will gather them back as a nation from the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 43:5-9) so that they can become the witnesses that He created them to be (Isaiah 43:10-13). God reminds them of their past deliverance through the Red Sea (Isaiah 43:16-17) and tells them to forget their past sins (Isaiah 43:18-28) because He will blot them out forever (Isaiah 43:25). Israel is God’s chosen (Isaiah 44:1-5) and He is their Redeemer (Isaiah 44:6-8). Thus, idols are nothing (Isaiah 44:9-11) and those who follow them know nothing (Isaiah 44:12-20). Israel has been redeemed (Isaiah 44:21-23). Therefore, all creation rejoices (Isaiah 44:23).

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