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Revelation 8

Verses 1-6

The Opening of the Seventh Seal - The seventh seal serves as a prelude to introduce the seven trumpets. At this time the prayers of the saints rises up before the throne of God and the angel casts fire from the golden altar down upon the earth in order to bring about judgment upon those who have resisted God and persecuted the saints. Evidently, the prayers of the saints include pleas for God to vindicate them because of their persecutions.

Verse 7

The First Trumpet Sounds - The sounding of the first trumpet involves hail and fire mingled with blood.

The First Trumpet Interpreted as World War I- Irvin Baxter suggests this may be a reference to World War I. The "hail and fire mingled with blood" may be the description of gun battles from the eyes of a first-century writer. The burnt up trees and grass may refer to the military strategy called the "Scorched Earth Policy," in which an army destroys anything that can be used by the enemy.

Revelation 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

Verse 8-9

The Second Trumpet Sounds -The sounding of the second trumpet involves something that looks like a great mountain burning with fire being cast into the sea.

The Second Trumpet Interpreted as World War II- Irvin Baxter believes this is a prophecy of World War II. He teaches that to a first century writer, the image of the mushroom cloud from the atomic explosions over Japan could have easily been described as "a mountain burning with fire." The fact that Japan in an island in the Pacific Ocean fits the image of this burning mountain being cast into the sea. His research revealed that 105,127 ships, either merchant or battleship, that participated in the war, and that 36,387 were destroyed. This would fulfill the statement that a third part of the ships were destroyed. There were fifty-two million people killed during World War II. Baxter feels this is an event important enough to be put into biblical prophecy. 76]

76] Irvin Baxter, Jeremiah, Understanding the End Time: Lesson 12 - The Seven Trumpets (Richmond, Indiana: Endtime, Inc, 1986) [on-line]; accessed 1October 2008; available from; Internet.

Verse 10-11

The Third Trumpet- The sounding of the third trumpet involves a great star named Wormwood polluting a third of the waters.

The Third Trumpet Interpreted as Chernobyl- Irvin Baxter believes this prophecy was fulfilled when a nuclear power plant in the Ukraine named Chernobyl exploded and rained down a radioactive material called Cesium-137 upon Russian, European and even a portion of American soil. On April 26, 1986 this nuclear reactor exploded sending radioactive material one mile into the sky. The fire inside this reactor burned for three weeks before it was totally extinguished by the Russians. There were 125,000 deaths directly attributed to this nuclear meltdown. Those who worked and lived in this vicinity were either killed or poisoned with radioactivity. In addition, this cloud of radiation made its way across Europe. The worst part of this event is the fact that it rained for the next five days in the area of this nuclear fallout, polluting the rivers and lakes across Europe with Cesium-137. Hundreds of thousands of livestock had to be slaughtered because they became contaminated in various ways. It is believed that over 200 million Russians and Europeans became highly contaminated with radiation because of these waters. Its long lasting results will not be known until the first and second generations of children are born from those who live with this contamination. These people are expected to have genetic birth defects as did the Japanese who survived the atomic bombs that destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War II. Baxter became convinced of this interpretation of the third trumpet when he found from credible research that the Ukrainian name for "wormwood" is "Chernobyl." 77]

77] Irvin Baxter, Jeremiah, Understanding the End Time: Lesson 12 - The Seven Trumpets (Richmond, Indiana: Endtime, Inc, 1986) [on-line]; accessed 1October 2008; available from; Internet.

Verse 12

The Fourth Trumpet- In the sounding of the fourth trumpet God uses what appears to be the heavenly to judge mankind.

Verse 13

The Announcement of the Last Three Trumpets - An angel shouts in the midst of heaven to tell John that the last three plagues would be of greater severity than the first four.

Revelation 8:13 — "Woe, woe, woe" - Comments- There are to be three woes, each of which will be associated with the last three trumpets.

Revelation 8:13Comments- The angel's statement in Revelation 8:13 implies that the last three trumpets will be more intense than the previous.

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