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Revelation 8

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Church Victorious! Chapters 811 (Luke 18:7)

In this section of chapters, we again return to the First Coming of Christ. The Seals [of persecution] bring Trumpets [warning of Judgment] which bring Bowls [of judgment poured out]. Chapter 8 is God’s pledge of destruction on unbelievers. It shows God’s vengeance through the ages of time – by the medium of natural disasters. The first four Trumpets are sent by God as a warning! Notice that the Seals, Trumpets, Bowls of Wrath, and similar symbols, refer to Principles – of man’s conduct and God’s discipline – that are at work throughout history. The events symbolized by the Trumpets may be seen any day of the year in any part of the earth. Therefore, Trumpets are simultaneous with Seals.

Verses 1-2


Silence in heaven. The hush of silence is to emphasize the things which are about to happen. Then I saw. John did not see the silence, but he sees the seven angels. They are given seven Trumpets to warn the unbelievers on earth.

Verses 3-4


Another angel. Before the Trumpets are blown, another angel comes. He has a gold incense container, and he is given much incense to add to the prayers of all God’s people. Christ is our “go-between” at the Father’s right side, and he pleads with God for his people. The Holy Spirit is “ANOTHER Helper” (John 14:16) here on earth, and he adds to our prayers by “pleading with God for us” (Romans 8:26). The smoke . . . went up. The prayers of God’s people go up to the Throne of God! The One on the Throne both sees and knows the suffering and the praise of his children on earth.

Verse 5


And threw it on the earth. God has heard the prayers, and the judgments to come are his answer to them. Peals of thunder, etc. This is to show that this is God’s decree.

Verse 6


Prepared to blow them. To carry out God’s decree. This is serious warning, but not final doom. Note that Trumpets affect a third of the earth – but not the whole earth.

Verse 7


Hall and fire, mixed with blood. These came pouring down. Symbolic of destructive land disasters, which our Lord sends against those who persecute his church. All land disasters should be viewed in this light.

Verse 8


A large mountain burning with fire. That is what it looked like. This is symbolic of destructive disasters in which God uses the sea as a tool of vengeance. We are to interpret all disasters involving the sea in the light of this.

Verse 10


A large star, burning like a torch. It drops from the sky to show that it is God’s act. It may be the Devil who inflicts these things, but God allows it and God sends it against those who persecute his people (the messianic community). Now the land waters (lakes, rivers, etc.) are used as a tool of vengeance. The star’s name is Bitterness – symbolic of the bitter sorrow which these disasters bring to wicked people. [Perhaps such things as pollution and shortages, including all sorts of problems, can be thought of as part of this third Trumpet.]

Verse 12


Then the fourth angel blew his trumpet. The heavens themselves become tools to be used against the enemies of Christ’s church! All disasters which have their origin in space are included here.

Verse 13


I heard an eagle. Four angels have blown. Now there is a short intermission. The eagle is a bird of prey (symbolic of violence and destruction). The next three Trumpets will be more horrible than the first four!

The fifth and sixth Trumpets are brought by Satan, net God. Yet God can use even the Devil’s work to punish and to warn the wicked.

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