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Bible Commentaries
1 Kings 16

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 1

Jehu was different from one of the same name and parentage, who came to Josaphat; (2 Paralipomenon xix. 2.; Du Hamel; Tirinus) though, if Baasa did not put him to death, as there is some reason to doubt, he might be the same, ver. 7. (Calmet) --- Hanani had been sent to Asa, 2 Paralipomenon xvi. 7. (Abulensis, q. 3.)

Verse 2

I have. All power comes from God, though he frequently disapproves of the means by which people obtain it. (Haydock) --- Baasa was a traitorous usurper. --- My people. Many had abandoned the Lord: (Haydock) yet he still regards Israel as his people, sending prophets to reclaim them, and preserving many from bending the knee before Baal.

Verse 3

Posterity, (posteriora.; Haydock) children, and all that he shall leave behind. (Calmet) --- Baasa himself died a natural death, ver. 6. (Salien)

Verse 7

The evil, to punish it. (Menochius) --- He, God, slew him, Baasa, (Calmet) or "because the latter slew" Nadab, &c. (Grotius) --- God punished his usurpation and murders. (Calmet) --- That is, &c., is not found in Hebrew, Chaldean, Septuagint, nor in some Latin copies. (Estius) --- Hence Jehu might survive to admonish Josaphat, ver. 1. (Calmet)

Verse 8

Years, in part, as he was slain in the 27th year of Asa, ver. 10.

Verse 9

Horsemen. Hebrew, "chariots." (Septuagint) (Calmet) --- But Josephus styles him, Hipparchon, "general of the horse." (Menochius) --- Rebelled. Hebrew, "conspired." (Haydock) --- He acted privately at first. (Menochius) --- Governor. Hebrew, "steward of his house." Chaldean and Arabic, "in the temple of the idol Arsa," the earth, whom the pagans worshipped as the mother of gods and men; unless Arsa be put for Asera, or Astarte. (Calmet)

Verse 11

Wall. See 1 Kings xxv. 22. --- Friends, from whom he had any thing to fear. (Menochius)

Verse 13

Vanities; idols. (Haydock) --- They raised fresh altars; or, by their example, encouraged the people to persevere in their impiety. (Menochius)

Verse 16

All Israel, that was in the army, while others took part with Zambri. (Worthington)

Verse 18

Himself. Hebrew may also signify, "he (Amri) burnt him." --- Zambri, his rival. But the other sense is more natural. (Calmet) --- Thus Sardanapalus chose to destroy himself, with all his riches, (Justin i.; Atheneus xii. 7.) to prevent the dead body from being insulted. It was for this reason the Sylla, the first of the Cornelian family, ordered his remains to be burnt. (Cicero, Leg. i.) (Tirinus)

Verse 19

To sin. Zambri had sufficient time, in seven days, (Haydock) to manifest his evil dispositions, of which he had perhaps given proof before. (Calmet)

Verse 21

Parts. Those who had chosen Amri, were mortified at the election made by the army, and therefore set up another king. (Calmet) --- The contest seems to have lasted four years. (Houbigant)

Verse 22

Died in the battle, wherein Amri prevailed. (Menochius)

Verse 23

In the one and thirtieth year, &c. Amri began to reign in the seven and twentieth year of Asa; but had not the quiet possession of the kingdom, till the death of his competitor Thebni, which was in the one and thirtieth year of Asa’s reign. (Challoner) --- Twelve years in all, (Worthington) comprehending the four of civil war; six at Thersa, and two in Samaria. (Houbigant)

Verse 24

Silver: 684l. 7s. 6d. sterling. (Arbuthnot) --- The place was sold so cheap, on condition that it should be called after the original owner. (Salien) --- Somer dwelt there; and several houses had been already erected, (chap. xiii. 32.) and even streets, by the king of Syria, for the convenience of his merchants, chap. xx. 34. (Haydock) --- Thersa had lately been so much ruined by civil wars, that Amri thought proper to choose a new seat of government. Samaria was greatly adorned by succeeding kings, chap. xxii. 39. It stood in a delightful and commanding situation, and gave its name to the adjacent territory, and to the whole kingdom of Israel. Benadad besieged it twice; and Salmanasar took it. The kings of Egypt laid claim to it, after the death of Alexander: but Antiochus, of Syria, took it from them. Hyrcanus levelled it with the ground. Herod the Great rebuilt the city, and called it Sebaste, in honour of Augustus.

Verse 25

Above. He made a law, (Calmet) to force all to conform to the established irreligion, Micheas vi. 16. (Haycock)

Verse 26

With their vanities. That is, their idols, their golden calves, vain, false, deceitful things.

Verse 29


Verse 31

Jezabel, whose name is become proverbial, to designate a proud, lewd, cruel, and impious woman, Apocalypse ii. 20. Grotius compares her with Tullia, Fulvia, and Eudoxia, the respective wives of Tarquin, Anthony, and Arcadius. She was the chief promoter of all the evils of Achab’s reign. He did not insist that she should embrace the true religion, when he married her; as it is supposed former kings had done, when they espoused women who had been brought up in idolatry. (Calmet) --- He even introduced her country’s idols, and thus enhanced upon the wickedness of his predecessors. (Haycock) --- Ethbaal. Menander (following Josephus, contra Apion i.) calls him Ithobaal, and remarks that his reign was memorable for a year’s drought; probably that of three years, under Achaz, chap. xvii. 1. Ethbaal was king of Tyre, and ruled over the Sidonians likewise, chap. v. 6.

Verse 34

Hand. Josue had committed this curse to writing. (Haydock) --- Hiel, an idolater, did not regard it, and Achab had not zeal to attempt to hinder him. But divine Providence punished his audacity. (Calmet) --- All his sons perished, while the city was rebuilding. (Worthington) --- See Josue vi. 26. (Calmet)

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