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Bible Commentaries
2 Chronicles 23

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 1

Seventh. Vatican Sept., by mistake, has "the eighth." --- Encouraged, or "strengthened." Sept., &c. H. --- Captains, whether Levites, or ancient officers of the crown, who were dissatisfied with the usurper, 4 K. xi.

Verse 2

Israel, of which Juda formed a part. M. --- At the time when the author lived, Israel was destroyed, so that there was no danger of a mistake. --- Jerusalem, on a sabbath-day, and most likely on one of the three great festivals: (C.) Salien (the year of the world 3157) thinks at the Passover, to avoid suspicion. M.

Verse 4

Do. Though God’s promise was absolute, human means were to be used. W.

Verse 5

To the sabbath. That is, to perform in your weeks the functions of your office, or the weekly watches. Ch. --- Porters. Sept. "even to the entrance gates." --- House, where Athalia resided, or in the apartments of Joas in the temple. --- Foundation. Sept. "middle." Syriac, "of the cooks, or guards." H. --- It led from the palace up the steps, v. 21. M. --- Perhaps it was also called Sur, 4 K. --- But let. This seems to be transposed out of its place from v. 6.

Verse 7

Slain. Athalia ventured to enter; but she was alone, and not much feared. C.

Verse 8

High. Heb. "the priest dismissed not the courses." H. --- In case of right and necessity, we see here what the high priest could do, though otherwise he would not interfere. W.

Verse 10

Altar of holocausts, in the court of the priests, while the people stood in their own court. T.

Verse 11


Crown. Literally, "diadem." --- Testimony. This is explained in the following sentence, (H.) which is not in Hebrew nor in many Latin MSS. The Jews understand the phylaceries, Deut. xvii. 18.

Verse 13

Step. Heb. hamudo, "his pillar," to which he ascended by steps. D. --- Entrance into the court of the priests; but the tribune stood in that of the people, where Joas was in his royal attire.

Verse 16

Himself, as God’s vicegerent. C. --- A double covenant was made between God and the people, and between the king and his subjects. D.

Verse 17

Idols. Prot. "images." H. --- Those are wilfully blind who will not distinguish these from the images of Christ and his saints. W.

Verse 18

David, which had been long neglected, 1 Paralipomenon xxiv. M.

Verse 20

Upper gate of the guards, at the back or western end of the temple, C. v. 5.

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Haydock, George Leo. "Commentary on 2 Chronicles 23". "Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/hcc/2-chronicles-23.html. 1859.
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