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Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary

2 Chronicles 25

Verse 2

Heart, and with perseverance.

Verse 5

Families. The officers were well acquainted with their soldiers; (C.) and all were more interested for each other’s welfare, (D.) than they are in the present system. C. --- Young. Prot. "choice men, able to go." H.

Verse 6

Thousand. Yet "they were so greatly reduced, but a few years before, that there were....only fifty horsemen," &c. 4 K. xiii. 7. Kennicott --- That might be true, at one time, when the people fled from the king’s banners, through fear. But they were still in the country, and God gave Israel a saviour, 4 K. xiii. 5. See C. xiii. 3., and xvii. 19. H. --- Silver. This sum was very small, for so great a multitude. Salien suspects talents of gold are meant, though the soldiers were paid in silver. But the sum was only the hire for a short time; (M.) and was not distributed among the soldiers, who were to live on plunder, but went into the king’s coffers, (C.) or belonged to the officers alone. Mariana) D. --- The talent of silver was worth 342l. 3s. 9d. Arbuthnot)

Verse 8

And. Heb. "But if thou wilt go, do; be strong; (he speaks ironically) God," &c. Sept. "if thou thinkest that thou art strong with these, the Lord," &c. Amasias ought to have known that no dependance was to be placed on Israel, while they despised God, C. xv. 2.

Verse 9

What will. Syriac, &c. "What then is my crime in having given the," &c. --- To the. Hebrew or, "for the army." H.

Verse 12

Rock, afterwards called Jecteel. Some take it to be Petra, 4 K. xiv. 7.

Verse 13

Samaria, the capital, where they had made their complaints to king Joas; and receiving no redress, began to plunder, as far as Bethhoron the lower, which Solomon had repaired, and his successors had retained, though it belonged to the territory of Ephraim, C. xiii. 5., and Josue xviii. 13. C.

Verse 16

Art thou. Heb. adds, "appointed." H. --- The very character of prophet, authorized him to give counsel even to kings. Amasias had perhaps obeyed this prophet, (v. 7) but now his heart was puffed up with victory. --- Kill thee, sixteen years hence.

Verse 17

Another, and fight. He supposed Joas had connived at his subjects’ invasion, (v. 13.; H. See 4 K. xiv. 8.; C.) and he now required all Israel to submit to him. Josephus) T.

Verse 18

Thistle. This fable insinuated how much Joas despised the insolence of his antagonist, (H.) and Amasias had soon reason to repent. T.

Verse 20

It. Prot. "it came of God, that he might deliver them into the hand of their enemies, because they sought after the gods of Edom." H. --- The king was permitted to give ear to evil counsellors. C. --- "Jupiter deprives those of understanding, whom he means to destroy." Homer --- The heart is hardened on account of former sins. W.

Verse 24

Obededom, whose descendants guarded these treasures, 1 Paralipomenon xxvi. 15. C. --- Hostages. Prot. "the hostages also, and returned to Samaria." H. --- Some think that the kings of Juda had before detained these men. Estius --- Others suppose that Joas had taken many nobles, whom he exchanged for their sons. But this is all conjecture. C.

Verse 27


Verse 28

David. Heb. "of Juda," contrary to the Sept., Syriac, &c. C.

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