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2 Chronicles 25

Garner-Howes Baptist CommentaryGarner-Howes

Verses 1-5

See note on 2 Kings 14:1

Verses 6-16

Amaziah Goes to War, 2 Chronicles 25:6-16

2 Kings 14:7 (; comments above) is the only record in that book of Amaziah’s war with Edom. Considerably more detail is found here in the Chronicles account. It is apparent that Amaziah conscripted the men of Judah and Benjamin for the purpose of going to war with Edom: However, he does not seem to have felt that he yet had sufficient men for success, so hired a mercenary force from the northern kingdom of Israel, numbering 100,000. For their service Amaziah paid 100,000 talents of silver, or about $2,184,000 in today’s valuation.

God sent a prophet to accost the king for hiring these men from the ungodly northern kingdom. He was told that he could not expect to succeed with men who had renounced God and treated lightly His blessings. In fact, Amaziah was warned to be prepared for defeat by the Edomites if he persisted in carrying the Israelites from the north. Amaziah protested concerning the huge sum he had expended to hire them, and was informed by the prophet that God is able to provide much more than the lost silver in blessings for their obedience (cf. De 8:18). So the king was persuaded to separate the mercenaries from his army, and they returned to their homes in great anger.

So Amaziah rallied his men and led them to battle against Edom. The battle occurred in the valley of salt, immediately south of the Dead Sea, and ten thousand Edomites perished in the battle. Ten thousand more were captured and slaughtered in a horrible manner, thrown from the top of a lofty rock to fall crushed and mangled at its foot. So God did allow Amaziah a great victory, and the decimation of the men would make Edom unable to revolt against Judah for some time to come. Actually this was an attempted reconquest of the nation which had been subject to Judah at an earlier time, but was lost to them in the wicked reign of Jehoram, after which they never again were wholly subject to Judah 2 Chronicles 21:8-10.

The men of Israel, whom Amaziah sent homeward, thus denying them the spoil of battle which they desired, took their spoils from the cities of Judah on their return through them to Samaria. Three thousand were smitten, and much spoil taken from them, an act which would precipitate war eventually.

Meanwhile Amaziah was engaged in a very stupid and foolish act. He had captured the Edomite gods, and instead of destroying them as David would have done (2 Samuel 5:21), he brought them home to Jerusalem with him, set them up, and bowed himself in worship to them. God sent His prophet again, who chided him for worshipping the gods whose people he had shortly defeated. If they could not help the Edomites, their people, how amazing that Amaziah should think they could help him! But King Amaziah interrupted the prophet, demanding to know who had made him one of the king’s counselors. He was threatened with death if he persisted in lecturing the king.

So the prophet desisted from his preaching to the king, for his heart was not right with God, and he refused to hear. The prophet gave him a final warning. God had now determined to destroy King Amaziah because 1) he had turned to the false gods of Edom; 2) he rejected the Lord’s counsel through His prophet (cf. Jeremiah 6:10).

Verses 17-24

See note on 2 Kings 14:8

Verses 25-28

See note on 2 Kings 14:17

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