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2 Chronicles 32

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 1

Truth, and sincere piety of the king, God was pleased to put him to trial; (T.; M.; D.) or, "after these things were established." Junius --- Sennacherib attacked Juda when Ezechias had been fifteen years on the throne, and till that time had paid the stipulated tribute, 4 K. xviii. 13. C. --- He now probably refused to pay it any longer. Salien, the year of the world 3319. M.

Verse 2

Jerusalem; as many cities had fallen. The king entered into an agreement with the Assyrians, who soon broke it.

Verse 3

City. The torrent Cedron afforded the only good supply of water. It was often dry, and was only three steps across, when full of melted snow or rain. The waters of Siloe and Gihon were collected in it. Yet it was no difficult enterprise for the king to turn the stream, and introduce the waters through the rock into a large reservoir, in the city, by the canal, which is mentioned 2 Esdras ii. 14., and Ecclesiasticus xlviii. 19. The besieged were more frequently deprived of water, Judith vii. 6. Babylon was taken by Semiramis, Cyrus, and Alexander, after they turned aside the waters of the Euphrates; and Cæsar obliged the town of Cahors to surrender, by intercepting the springs. Frontin. iii. 7. C.

Verse 4

Land, Cedron, on the east; (C.; M.) or it may be the Gihon, which supplies Siloe, v. 30. T.

Verse 5

Without, of less strength. --- Mello, the palace, which was strongly situated, and Ezechias added fresh fortifications, 2 K. v. 9. --- Arms. Heb. "darts."

Verse 6

Gate, where there was a room for assemblies, 2 K. xviii. 24. C. --- Heart, in the most affectionate and pathetic manner. H.

Verse 7

More: God and his angels, from whom he expected relief, and was not disappointed, 4 K. vi. 16., and xix. 35. C.

Verse 9

Lachis, whence he sent Rabsaces. Other blasphemous letters were dispatched from Lobna, (v. 17) when Sennacherib was forced to go to meet Tharaca, 4 K. xix. 9.

Verse 12

His altars. Rabsaces was ignorant of the law, and upbraids the king for a commendable action. C. --- Thus our adversaries foolishly blame us for keeping holy days and abstinence. H.

Verse 17

He (Sennacherib) wrote, when he was going towards Egypt. Both master and servant employed the same fallacious argument; as if the true God and idols were all upon a level, and as if past success were a sure proof of future victories, v. 19. H.

Verse 20


Verse 21

Army. Heb. "camp." --- Disgrace. The Jews pretend that he was deprived of his beard and hair, (S. Jerom, Trad.) misapplying the text of Isaias vii. 20. C. --- Sword, to prevent their being offered as victims, to appease the idol and the people. R. Solomon) Lyranus --- This happened some months after the king’s return to Ninive, when he had cruelly oppressed the captive Jews and Tobias, i. 24. T.

Verse 23

Many; probably strangers, 3 K. viii. 41.

Verse 24

Sign. See 4 K. xx.

Verse 25

Up, by riches, and the splendid embassy from Babylon. C. --- Prosperity is more dangerous than adversity. W. --- Few are able to bear good fortune with moderation. H.

Verse 27

Arms. Heb. "shields." Sept. "arsenals."

Verse 30

Underneath the walls of the city, making them run westward, C. xxxiii. 14.

Verse 31

Wonder, at the defeat of Sennacherib; (Grotius; D.) or rather the retrogradation of the sun, as the Chaldeans studied astronomy with diligence. M. T. C. --- Left him, in punishment of his vanity. H. --- Heart. How feeble is man when destitute of the divine assistance! M. --- God permitted, therefore, the king to be tempted, (C.) that he might know himself, and that others might have a true idea of him. D.

Verse 33

Above, for distinction’s sake: (C.) meriti prærogativa. S. Jerom, Trad. M. --- The cell was either higher than the rest, or a sort of pyramid was erected over the tomb of Ezechias. C.

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