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2 Chronicles 32

Garner-Howes Baptist CommentaryGarner-Howes

Verses 1-8

2 Chronicles 32:1

Hezekiah’s Preparations, 32:1-8

Comparison of the above account with that previously studied makes it apparent that they describe two different occasions. In the Kings account Hezekiah is apologetic, fearful, and faithless when Sennacherib came into Judah. In this Chronicles account it is quite the contrast. He prepares to defend the city and strengthen it. He manifest faith in the Lord, and encourages the people to rely on Him. Although it is not recounted in the Scriptures until later Bible chronologists believe Hezekiah’s sickness "unto death" preceded this second coming of Sennacherib. Remember it is the fourteenth year of his reign over Judah and his sickness also occurred in the same fourteenth year.

The Chronicles record simply says after these things," obviously referring to the things of restoration and revival which the chronicler had just recorded about Hezekiah and Judah. The situation is much the same as when Sennacherib came the first time, and as a matter of fact, probably, is during the same campaign. The implication, therefore, is that Hezekiah had stripped off the gold of the temple and given it to Sennacherib, then reneged on raising the remainder of the tribute following his illness.

It is commendable of the princes of Judah and the people that they supported the king in his decision to make a stand against the Assyrian invaders. The first preparatory act they took was to stop up the springs and fountains and the brook (evidently Kidron) to deprive the alien army of readily available water. Next they undertook the repair of the wall in the many places where it had fallen down, even raising it to the height of the corner towers. In addition they built a secondary wall outside the main wall to help keep out the enemy. The Milo in the city of David was also repaired. This was a fortress. Captains were set over the men, and Hezekiah armed them with darts and shields.

When all this had been done the king gathered the people in the broad street of the gate and delivered a speech of encouragement. Doubtless his own change and show of faith did much to bolster their courage. He used the old and familiar challenge of the Lord issued to Joshua centuries earlier, "Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed" (Joshua 1:9). This he coupled with the words of Elisha, when the Syrians surrounded his city, and he comforted his servant, "There be more with us than with him" (2 Kings 6:16). True the army of Assyria was much larger and mightier that the few men comprising the force Hezekiah had mustered. But the heavenly host surrounding Dothan, of which Elisha spoke, was the same host which would now be with the men of Judah. The king had at last realized that God would fight their battles, and there was nothing to fear. The people believed and relied on the words of Hezekiah to them. (Cf. Isaiah 41:10.)

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